Top 31 Spine Chilling Pregnant Halloween Costumes for You


Eyeball, pumpkin, pea, the witch, nun, where is waldo, deviled egg costume, pregnant unicorn, snow lady and baby, peanut M&M, golfer and hole-in-one, gum ball machine and a quarter, kim kardashian are some of the best ideas for pregnant halloween costumes.

The entry of a child into the world is an amazing experience for would be moms. If Halloween steps in your way between you and your family, it is not going to spoil the element of fun as there are plenty of options in terms of Halloween Costume to choose from. A little bit of DIY, will bring forth some extravagant Halloween Costume ideas for pregnancy.

If you are pregnant, with Halloween looming in the corner, it in no way means that you would need to skip the fun and festivities of Halloween. Figure wise it is a time for change, but you can cash in on your attire that is an integral part of Halloween and you are going to come across numerous Halloween costumes as per your liking. Rather than putting your thinking cap on and searching for a means to hide your baby hump, let us explore a bright new idea. Why not flaunt it!  Make it work for you! Yes it would be kind of difficult to hide it. It is an integral aspect of your costume.

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Fun Around Pregnant Halloween Costumes

Most of the Halloween costumes that flaunt your belly may see a trifle rounded. Adding in a clown make up with your costume and you are going to be the darling of the crowd. The main point to ponder is that you should not go overboard with creativity. Adopt a sense of humour and style.  A fun and cool costume will not only draw in accolades for the new born baby but for your good dressing abilities as well. Perhaps the most important thing is that both the mother along with the baby is comfortable in the costume and enjoys the vacation.

The striking feature of a Halloween custom is it provides an opportunity to have an element of fun. Pregnancy is a time where the stress levels are high and what about some humour during the distressing times?


If you happy to be a creative individual, there are some great costume ideas which can you embark from your home. If you are searching for some last minute ideas on what to wear this Halloween then your wait stops here. It is an easy task to formulate some extraordinary ideas where there is a human being inside your womb as you can utilize the hump to your advantage

DIY Pregnant Halloween Costumes Ideas

pregnant halloween costumes


This works out to be one of the easiest costume ideas for pregnant ladies. A tinge of facial pain with black clothes is needed. On Halloween you can wear Black color and your clothed or bare belly area can be painted white. The middle of the eye with whatever colour you desire can be decorated. By incorporating a few red veins you can make it as realistic as possible. It all depends upon what you are going to portray as the eyeball can be scary or cute.

Pumpkin, an apt pregnant Halloween costumes for the mommy to be

If you are exhaustion levels are on the higher side, and you want to restrict yourself then opt for a Halloween pumpkin. This is one of the simplest Halloween styles for pregnant ladies. Wearing a cap made at home would be a great value addition. Proceed to paint your belly orange, and then decorate it. Let it emerge out of the hole you make in the top.


It is one among the simplest Halloween costume ideas pertaining to pregnant women. It works out to be ideal for women who are exhausted about their pregnancy and who are not keen to undertake too much trouble for Halloween. For pregnant women who are considering simple along with costume Halloween ideas it provides a timely solution as well. Colored jeans are the toast of the nation and finding a green colored jeans is not going to pose too much of a problem. You can also resort to green leggings, sweat pants etc.  Opt for a green sleeved top and make a small hole on top of that shirt so as to reveal your pregnant belly. Ensure that your belly is painted green.

The Witch

If nothing works out, opt for a combination of goodie and oldie and yes The Witch is one of the popular costumes for pregnant women. Witches can be mothers too and you can resemble a witch where you can use your pregnant belly and go with a pumpkin in hand. You would need to cash in on the resources at your peril which is great at the time of Halloween.


The Witch


You are going to raise quite a few religious eyebrows if you spot this nun attire. Just hope they will consider it more of as a Halloween and it is the time to have some fun.  Taking a further step ahead what fun are Halloween costume ideas if you do not take it to the extreme.


Dreamy princess

If you want to look traditional, but at the same time beautiful and cute, there are numerous Halloween costumes to choose from the house of Disney. If there are other would be mummies as your friends then you can go along in a group. Be it Cinderella, snow White or Belle! Make it a point that you are not fighting over the same prince again. This is not going to happen for sure as the daddy of the baby is beside you!

Dreamy princess

Painting the belly

If you do not have anything to show off, then painting the belly and use Halloween to display it proudly. Paint it in such a form that it replicates a basket or a soccer ball etc.


Coming straight to the point, to someone a Halloween may seem like a costume hindrance. This ghost is going to turn into a pregnant ghost and then become a witch. Trust me you are now expecting a baby witch. But on another keel you can look it as more of an opportunity if you work your costume towards it. Flaunt it! Let people around you notice it as well.

Painting the belly

This pretty much concludes on the popular costume ideas for Pregnancy!

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Where Is Waldo

It is perfect for the pregnant mother, who wants a comfortable outfit. It doesn’t get much better than a t-shirt, jeans, and beanie! Also, a great group or family costume can’t have too many Waldos (or Wendas).

Deviled Egg Costume

All you need for this maternity Halloween costume is a piece of white poster board, a yellow t-shirt, and devil ears and tail. You know what is the best part? It’s super comfortable!


Pregnant Unicorn

The only thing better than a rainbow unicorn is a rainbow pregnant unicorn complete with a baby unicorn poking through the belly!


Snow Lady And Baby

If unicorns aren’t your thing, maybe a snow baby busting out of the belly is more your style?


Kim Kardashian

If you are a big fan of the show,’ Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ and like, a  fan of the Kardasian family in general, then the Kim Kardasian costume will work out perfectly for that big belly. A throw back Kim costume is always a good idea, add a Kanye and a few kiddos for good measure!

Bob Ross, Happy Tree And A Baby Squirrel

Bob Ross created many masterpieces, but this might be his best one yet. This costume is based on his famous baby squirrel, with you being the tree and your belly being the baby squirrel.

Peanut M&M, a Cute Pregnant Halloween Costumes Idea

Love Peanut butter? Why don’t you become a peanut butter sandwich then!

Golfer And Hole-In-One

The name is self-explanatory. You are the golfer and your belly is the hole-in-one.

Gum Ball Machine And A Quarter

A simple white t-shirt, red skirt, and a bag of colorful pom poms will turn your adorable pregnant belly into a gumball machine in no time.

Sun, Constellation And A Galileo Costume

Give your pregnant belly center role in this costume as the sun in the universe! Galileo is closely observing the sun.


X-Ray And The Doctor

I know you’ve seen the baby skeleton in the Mama’s belly costume, but this maternity costume takes it up a notch. There’s an entire X- Ray machine and of course, an x-ray technician.

Juno And Paulie

Juno came out in 2007, and if you haven’t seen it, you should! Erin and Matt pulled off the perfect Juno and Paulie!

Magic 8 Ball

This is based on the famous game with the same name. If you love this game, you can try this out!

Snoopy And Charlie Brown

It doesn’t get much simpler than yellow and white t-shirts and some black felt. Done and done. And also adorable!

Bump In The Road

I especially love this “Bump in the Road” pregnancy costume idea as part of a transportation themed family costume. Family members could be street signs, truck drivers, race car drivers, or stop lights!

Red Neck

Turn the pregnant belly into a beer belly for an evening and call yourself a red neck. This costume is sure to get a few giggles!



Painted bellies are always a winner; just add a face and a faux brick wall for baby Humpty Dumpty.


Pumpkin Pie

If you paint your belly like a pumpkin please take a picture of said pumpkin belly in a pumpkin patch and sent it to me! Adorable!

Pumpkin Pie

Bowling Pin And Bowler

This is a very easy costume to make! Just dress up as the bowler pin and paint your belly as the bowler.

Angry Bird, an interesting Pregnant Halloween Costumes

Who does not love this cute game and the movie series that followed it? If you are a huge fan of Angry Birds, this is your chance to show your love!


Farmer And Cow

I love that the cow costume is complete with an udder and nipples from baby bottles. This is a great group costume idea because you can add as many farm animals as needed. A baby chicken, a horse, or piglets would be adorable for the kids!

Farmer And Cow

Elephant And Peanut

Cute elephant with her belly painted as a delicious peanut, sounds perfect!

Elephant And Peanut

Bun In The Oven

This costume is hilarious and can probably win you the prize for the best Halloween costume!

Bun In The Oven


Skeleton  , a Spine Chilling Pregnant Halloween Costumes Idea

Coming straight to the point, to someone a Halloween may seem like a costume hindrance. This ghost is going to turn into a pregnant ghost and then become a witch. Trust me you are now expecting a baby witch. But on another keel you can look it as more of an opportunity if you work your costume towards it. Flaunt it! Let people around you notice it as well.

This pretty much concludes on the popular spine chilling Halloween costume ideas for pregnant women! Make sure to not let your pregnancy be a hindrance in celebrating this festival with your loved ones!