Post Covid Hair Loss and Tips to Reverse It


If you’ve recovered from coronavirus infection, then you must be noticing the alarming rate at which your hair is falling. If experts are to be believed then this post COVID hair loss is nothing but a lingering side effect of the virus. Many viruses and chronic illness impairs your hair health. Post COVID hair loss is quite drastic when compared to normal hair loss. 

post covid hair loss

It is categorized as Telogen effluvium. And this condition is not exactly hair fall but hair shredding.  When your body goes through any illness or fever such as COVID then it can actually force more hair into shedding phase and this phenomenon is the leading cause of post COVID hairfall in people. 

Recovery And Treatment Post Covid

After contracting any illness, Recovery and treatment are often the most crucial parts to ensure the well being of a person. If you or any of your loved one have recently got tested positive for the virus then don’t worry. With the correct treatment and recovery period you’ll be as healthy as before. 

If you think you might have COVID infection or if you’ve already tested positive for COVID then having a blood test is the best option for you. Even after you’ve recovered post COVID blood test will help you determine how well you have recovered from the illness.  It takes your body one to three weeks to produce antibodies after you get infected. So Doing an Antibody or serology test helps by looking for antibodies in your blood to determine whether you had a past infection with COVID 19 Virus. 

What Diet Should You Follow Post Covid? 

Apart from getting your treatment, diet plays an important role as maintaining a good diet can help you get back to your feet in no time! 


Rich In Protein

Your Post Covid recovery Diet should contain Protein as they are the building blocks of our body. When you contract any illness, in this case, COVID-19 your body gets depleted from protein which results in lowered immunity. So in order to rebuild your body, include food like eggs, paneer, dal and chicken in your diet. Include milk, curd and other carbs in your diet for a faster recovery. 

Rich in Vitamin C

Lung health gets affected the most during Covid and a strong antioxidant is Vitamin C which is specific to lung health. Include citrus fruits, papaya, kiwi in your post Covid recovery diet And as it is a water soluble Vitamin, you can consume it in adequate amounts daily. 

Rich in Zinc

Rajma, Chana, Almonds and pumpkin seeds in your diet will work well for your post Covid recovery as they are sources of Zinc and zinc is known to support immune health the most. Though be mindful of consuming it in a supplemental amount as too much of it could cause problems. 

Rich in Vitamin D

Vitamin D functions as a hormone and is closely involved with the immune system. There is a positive correlation between better COVID outcomes and Vitamin D. So get out in the sun and soak up the sunshine for at least 20 minutes early in the morning. 

Post Covid Treatment And Care Tips to Follow

  • Take your medications on time and drink plenty of fluids to keep yourself hydrated while you’re post Covid treatment is going on. Try infusions of “tulsi” in boiled water or honey and lemon water to bring a change. Make sure to drink it warm. 
  • Take utmost care that Covid appropriate behavior like use of masks, sanitizers and physical distancing are followed. 
  • To check your oxygen levels and temperature self monitor yourself. Also, monitor your sugar levels if you are on corticosteroids. 
  • Be sure to get adequate hydration, sound sleep and a nutritious diet with plenty of fluids. 
  • Include high protein drinks like lentil soup, bone broth and vegetables in your diet. 
  • To look after your mental health is just as important during this time as physical health. So don’t be anxious and take up meditation. Disclose with your family and friends about how you’re feeling and be vocal about your mental health. 

How Does Covid Affect Children? 

Covid affects children in almost the same way it does adults. Though they do not get in very severe or drastic conditions. While some kids may show symptoms early after getting infected with Covid, for others development of symptoms takes place 7 to 14 days after recovering. Some post Covid symptoms in kids are as follows:

Breathing Problems

As Covid-19 mostly affects the lungs, respiratory symptoms are more common in children. These lingering symptoms include chest pain, cough and trouble in breathing during exercise. They can last for 3 months or more than that. Kids who are older than 6 years face these symptoms for a longer period of time, then they might need a lung function test. 


Smell and Taste

Post Covid symptoms in kids also include the loss of smell and taste, but these symptoms will most likely disappear in a few weeks. This symptom could be a danger as they might not be able to identify even a bad odour. Also loss of taste could also lead kids to fuss about their food more than usual.


Tiring more easily and having less physical endurance is the sign of fatigue which is a post Covid symptom in kids. Children who were affected by the virus might display these symptoms for some time but talking to your pediatrician may prove useful as they will recommend diet and exercise for their recovery. 


Kids may complain about headache as it is a common post covid symptom. It can be resolved by getting plenty of rest, drinking fluids and eating regular meals. If the headaches last longer than usual then preventive medicines are recommended by the doctors.