11 Astonishing Facts about Peeing After Sex


You must have been told this a several times before that you are supposed to pee every time after you have sex. But is it really a good idea? Well, trust me it’s indeed a great idea! But what happens if you do not immediately run to the loo after you have sex? Can it make the condition worse? We have got answers to all your possible questions in this article below?

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11 Reasons Why You Must Pee After Sexpeeing after sex

Sex can introduce bacteria into the body

The bacteria can enter your body through the penis, mouth or even fingers when you engage in an intercourse. These bacteria may not necessarily be an external matter. Now as the female urethra is shorter, it is very easy for the bacteria to travel up to the bladder. Also, you must ensure that you change the condom when moving to anal sex after vaginal.

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Sexually active women are more likely to have UTI

UTIs are more common in women who are sexually active. Many of you may wonder as to why you get a UTI every time you have sex. Well, that’s because you do not pee after sex and which is a must. The infection is caused when bacteria travel up the urethra and then multiply when they enter the bladder. As compared to males, a female anatomy means that there is a shorter distance for the bacteria to travel through the urethra to the bladder.

However, there is no specified time as to when exactly you need to pee before or after you have sex but it is very clear that it does reduce the chance of a urinary tract infection. So, there is nothing like you need to go to the restroom the second you are done with the event. Thus, you do not have to force yourself unless you really have to pee. This is because squeezing a drop or two will anyway not flush out the bacteria of your system effectively.


So, you are still free to get into some cuddle time. Just make sure that you pee before you fall asleep for 7 hours.

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Do not hold urine in the bladder

It’s not just about sex, but it is never right to hold in the urine in your bladder. This can increase bacteria and also make a UTI worse. Apart from that, it is also very uncomfortable as we all know. So, whether it is after or before sex, do not hold the urine and just go when you have to. Also, do not forget to wipe front to back.

Women suffering from diabetes, kidney stones or abnormalities in the urinary tract have higher risk factors of getting UTIs. If you have suffered from UTIs more than two times in six months or three in a year, consider yourself prone.

Urinating flushes harmful bacteria

Urinating after sex flushes the harmful bacteria, thus preventing them from ever reaching the bladder.

Some people never or rarely get UTIs

While some people are prone to UTIs, there are others who never or rarely get UTIs even if they do not pee right before or after sex. Well, it’s absolutely fine in that case. There can be a number of reasons for that, for instance, maybe you are healthily hydrated or you just have a good or regular urination. Another reason can be that may be your body just does it in the right way when it comes to preventing a UTI. But whatever the reason may be, feel lucky and thankful for being UTI-free.


Why do I feel a burning sensation when peeing after sex?

There can be a number of reasons for this. Some of these are listed below:

Most urinary tract infections are caused by the bacterium Escherichia coli (E coli). This bacterium is naturally present in the body and can enter the urinary tract which can cause a burning sensation when you pee.

It could be possible that you have contracted a sexually transmitted disease such as chlamydia and gonorrhoea. Just like other urinary tract bacterial infections, STDs can also inflame the urethra and lead to a burning sensation.

Dehydration could be another possible reason for why you may be feeling that burning sensation. This can be a result of the electrolyte imbalance that may either rise or fall to dangerous levels which can further affect kidney function.


Flushing out your urethra with frequent urinations is the best natural way to treat a UTI. UTIs can be a lot painful and thus, you must always remember to pee after sex so as to prevent the infection. If you know that you are prone to UTI, consult your doctor. You may also be recommended to add cranberry juice in your diet and increase your fluid intake.





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