21 Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Bloating


Bloating is a very common problem. And when they persist, they can just spoil the daily routine because of the feeling of discomfort particularly unpleasant they generate. Bloating is just like a nightmare for many people.

Also, there are many common symptoms of bloating that can be easily recognized, such as a feeling of tightness and fullness in the belly, distention of the stomach, flatulence and gas, stomach cramps and pains, diarrhea, difficulty breathing, belching, lower back pain, acidity, vomiting, and heartburn. However, with small changes in lifestyle and ingredients available at your home you can easily overcome bloating. Here are some home remedies that will make your discomfort easier.

Get Rid of Bloating: 21 Home Remedies That Work

21 Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Bloating


Chamomile has antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties that improve digestion, prevent heartburn and relax muscles. Consume it as an infusion, at a rate of 2 or 3 glasses a day.


Boil water and put some fennel seeds over them to make a tea. Chew the fennel seeds after meals. It helps to relax the muscles of the digestive tract, allowing the trapped gas to pass. In addition, you will have relieved bad breath. Massage your belly with fennel oil to relieve abdominal pain with bloating. Essential oils against bloating: mint, tarragon, coriander, and anise, work very well for any type of stomach problems. You can also rub them on the little bellies of your children.

Consume coal

Coal is another traditional remedy commonly used to deal with indigestion or bloating. It is a slightly modified form of coal used for heating since it is extremely porous. Its effects are physical. It is an absorbent out of the ordinary. When you consume it, it absorbs all the intestinal gauze, which relieves a lot.


Seeds of caraway

The carminative effect of these seeds fights off bloating and flatulence. Have a teaspoon of cumin seeds after each meal. Or, brew some crushed caraway seeds. Sip tea on a regular basis.


Parsley, dried or chopped, helps in the elimination of intestinal gas that otherwise causes bloating.

Eat pumpkin

Bloating is mostly related to indigestion because some foods are particularly difficult to digest. Pumpkin is one of those foods that can speed up digestion and therefore limit the formation of gas. The concrete use of the pumpkin as a remedy against bloating is either to make a kind of mashed potatoes, a salad, or boiled or grilled. Drinking a cup of pumpkin tea before meals are also effective.

Chew cumin seeds

This remedy is widely used in pregnant women with bloating problems. The seeds of cumin relieve quickly in case of bloating and constipation, especially when you are unable to make gauze.

Do a quick massage

If you are too lazy to use the remedies listed above, you can fall back on massages that are particularly effective against muscle and abdominal pain. This remedy helps the rapid elimination of gauze and relieves spasms consecutive bloating.

Drink dandelion tea

Another natural herb that has been proven to treat abdominal pain, indigestion and bloating. It is particularly recommended when bloating is caused by menstruation. This is because dandelion is an excellent diuretic, which promotes the elimination of liquids and results in rapid relief.


Potassium against bloating

Potassium is a mineral whose action is similar to that of magnesium since it eliminates excess water and relieves the muscles. Thus, not only does potassium overcome bloating, but it also gives a great sense of relief.

Baking soda

Stir 1 teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water. Dissolve properly and drink. It neutralizes stomach acid, therefore, heals indigestion and bloating. Add the baking soda to the juice of a lemon until it stops fizzling. Now dissolve it in a glass of water. Drink slowly.

Reduce salt intake

Excess salt in the body leads to an overproduction of liquids, which makes the kidneys work more than usual and causes a deposit of liquid in the tissues and more particularly in the abdomen. This is why sensations of bloating can occur after eating too salty foods. Reducing salt intake is therefore beneficial to overcome bloating due to pregnancy, menstruation, and constipation.

Consume magnesium for quick relief

In women, bloating is caused by distention of the stomach and fluid retention, which usually occurs during menstruation. That’s what magnesium does by removing excess water and relieving stomach muscles. Women with menstruation-related bloating should, therefore, use this product, while pregnant women should consult their doctor before use.

Lemon boiled water

Consuming each morning a glass of this remedy is more than enough to avoid visits to the doctor. After all, lemon is extremely beneficial for your health. Its benefits to the digestive tract are immense because it can effectively deal with problems such as indigestion, the formation of gauze, and bloat. This is made possible for several reasons. Above all, this remedy stimulates the production of gastric acid, which speeds up digestion and thus reduces the chances of producing gas and bloating. In addition, lemon water eliminates all intestinal toxins and improves the functioning of the liver by stimulating the production of enzymes. Bloating resulting from constipation, pregnancy, and menstruation can be treated with this remedy.

Mint tea

This remedy is perhaps one of the best you could find to overcome digestive disorders. The effect of this tea on bloating can be attributed to its essential oil. It is the mint whose antispasmodic effects relax the muscles of the intestine and the nerves. In addition, the mint drops the tension whose elevation is likely to trigger bloating. Drinking a cup of mint before meals can significantly reduce bloating.



One can choose ginger intake in various ways, for example, you can chew fresh ginger root, drink ginger tea, or grated ginger before meals or add it to your diet, in any form, it works fine to facilitate the process of digestion, and provide instant relief from bloating. Ginger slices dipped in lemon juice are also good for releasing the gas. Add 5-6 drops of ginger essential oil in 3-4 tablespoon of carrier oil. Rub it on your stomach.


This fruit is very effective against bloating and helps prevent constipation. It contains an enzyme called bromelain that promotes good digestion and prevents the production of prostaglandins that are responsible for inflammation.


Do not hesitate to consume parsley before your meals. It is a carminative that prevents the accumulation of gases, the formation of kidney stones and constipation.

Infusion of thyme

Like fennel, thyme helps digestion and helps fight excessive flatulence. Infuse a teaspoon of thyme in a cup of hot water for 10 minutes. Take up to three times a day if necessary.

The hot-water bottle

If the sensations remain unpleasant despite the infusions, you can relieve very quickly thanks to a hot water bottle. The heat it will provide will relax the abdominal area and relax your belly. For this, lie on your back and put your hot water bottle on the painful area.

Elderberry syrup

Thanks to its antispasmodic properties, black elderberries are excellent for relieving the intestines. You can prepare your own decoction by boiling 80 grams of berries in one liter of water for three minutes and drinking a small glass before going to bed or simply buy it as syrup in pharmacy or herbalism. Ask a professional for advice, because black elderberry is contraindicated for certain diseases such as diabetes or anemia.


To avoid swallowing too much air, eat slowly and in small amounts. It is better to have five small meals rather than three large meals. Stress and a sedentary lifestyle encourage the production of gas. Exercise regularly to relax the intestines and relieve anxiety. Reduce the consumption of tobacco, soft drinks and fermentable foods such as dairy products, potatoes, onions, all cabbage varieties, pasta, and cereals.

Bloating can be uncomfortable and sometimes painful. It is therefore important to pay attention to your diet to avoid this kind of problem. Always consult your doctor before the consumption of any mentioned remedies to avoid future complications in future.

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