11 Must Know Common Injuries in Kids


Your little baby is eager to achieve every milestone in this new world. The first time she rolls on her tummy, learns to sit, crawl, and walk are the most wonderful moments in parent’s life. However, apart from the joy you experience you must also start being extremely cautious and vigilant of their surroundings. Babies crossing milestones in the first few years of their lives are very prone to injuries and accidents.

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Common Injuries in Kids

Most injuries occur when parents do not monitor their kids or when they underestimate their little one’s ability and curiosity. Listed below are some of the most common injuries and accidents that happen to kids

1} Bruises, scrapes, and cuts

Kids are very active and as they run, climb and jump they fall a lot. The most common places they get hurt are the knees, elbows, and hands. These minor bruises and cuts are normal about and can be easily treated at home. For cuts and scrapes rinse the area under cold water followed with a mild disinfectant. Post cleaning you can apply antibiotic ointment and cover it with a bandage. For swollen wounds, place an ice pack in a wet cloth to reduce swelling.

2} Shoulder and back pain

If your little one goes to school and carries a backpack with books and lunch boxes, they are likely to develop a back or shoulder injury. Not to mention, posture problems that will come along. Ensure that you do not overload your kids backpacks and keep them light so that it is easy for your little one.

3} Splinters

Kids are curious and they touch almost everything. This allows thorns, wooden splinters, and small pins to enter the skin. If splinters get into your skin, use a needle sterilized with alcohol and gently pull out of the skin. After removing the splinter, you can apply an antibiotic cream to prevent infection.


4} Sprains

Many kids get hurt during playing sports. For example rigorous sports like baseball, hockey, football, and cricket can cause ligament tear, tendon tear, and worn out muscles. If this happens to your little one, apply some ice on the sprained area and keep the area elevated. You can also give your child over the counter pain killers like ibuprofen and acetaminophen.

Injuries in Kids

5} Falls

As children cross different milestones, they are prone to various types of falls. At an infant stage being dropped by a sibling or care taker could cause injuries. After 6 months injuries could happen due to rolling over, climbing, crawling and walking. To avoid injuries due to falls, never leave your little one unattended as this will give them the freedom to explore and hurt themselves. Keep a close watch on your child and continuously monitor his activities.

6} Drowning

This is one of the most serious and unfortunate injuries that can happen to your little one. Drowning in bathtubs and submersion injuries are very common when your little one begins to crawl and walk. They can also drown in toilets, swimming pools, and practically any water body. Never leave your kids unattended near a bath tub, pool, pond or toilet. Caretakers or parents should always be present along with the child.

7} Choking

Little can you imagine that your tiny bundle of joy can choke herself. Kids can pick up practically anything with their pincer grasp and put into their mouths. Unfortunately some objects that they pick can choke their throat making it difficult for them to breathe. Avoid leaving things on your house floor that could catch your little one’s attention. If your kid chokes, then reach out for medical help immediately.

8} Burns

Although this seems least possible, burns are one of the most common injuries in kids. Kids between the age 12 to 18 months are at risk of burns from hot vapour or liquid. Children can suffer from third degree burns if left unattended to hot sources. To avoid injuries due to burns, do not handle any sort of hot food or liquid when your little one is around. Keep your kids out of reach from sauna and hot water taps. Keep electric cord and heating appliances out of your little one’s reach.


9} Broken teeth

Another common injury in kids are broken, knocked down, and chipped off teeth. Almost all kids have tooth accidents during childhood. The most common reasons include falls, games, fights, and hiking trips. If your baby s tooth is broken, rush immediately to a dentist. Based on whether it is a milk tooth or permanent tooth, the doctor will decide what to do with it.

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10} Pulled Elbow

Also called the nursemaid’s elbow, this injury is very common among toddlers and pre-schoolers. Since their muscles and bones are still developing, it is very easy for their elbows to be pulled out of their sockets. It can happen easily when a parent or a caretaker swings the toddler in her arms. As soon as you notice your child not using his arm and crying frantically, rush him to a doctor. A doctor can easily reset the elbow.

11} Heel Injuries

Severe form of heel injuries is referred to as the sever’s disease.  Heel injury is very common in growing children. It typically occurs in kids involved in sports such as basketball, soccer, football and cricket. Generally the pain disappears with ice packs, stretching, and plenty of rest. As soon as the growth plate of the heel matures, this condition goes away.

The above mentioned injuries can affect kids of all age groups. Some injuries may not be very serious, whereas some can have dangerous consequences. Hence, it is important to take proper precautions to prevent your child from succumbing to injuries. It is important to monitor your little one no matter how old he is. Take care of your little ones. They are the happiness of the household.

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