Top 10 Must-Have Nuts For Kids


Do you know having nuts on a regular basis can lengthen one’s life duration? Packed with antioxidants and, rich in minerals like potassium, magnesium, and calcium, nuts are proved to be immensely beneficial for your child’s health. Nuts are healthy fats that consist of omega-3 fatty acids that take care of your heart health. But to be noted, some nuts like cashews are high in calories. So the question arises, are nuts good for kids? Of course, they are! Nuts like walnuts, almonds not only benefit your kids’ physical health but also improve their intellectual ability, memory, concentration, and all over brain efficiency. Some nuts are to be consumed daily for best results, while others to be taken occasionally. Let’s find out which are the best nuts for kids.


Health Benefits of 10 Most Popular Nuts for Your Kid


Enriched with essential bioactive micronutrients and vitamins, walnuts are one of the must-have nuts for your kids. In adults, it helps in lowering bad cholesterol and reducing the risk of heart diseases, but in children, they help in improving their brainpower and their metabolism, giving your child healthy and non-toxic gut health.


Loaded with a good amount of Calcium, almond takes care of your child’s bone health. Almonds help in regulating blood circulation in the body and improving your kids’ concentration power. To be mentioned, almonds are also good for skin and weight maintenance. Soak 3-4 almonds in water and keep in overnight, then give them to your child to have them on empty stomach in the morning.


The common type of nut that everybody has in their home is a peanut. Be it peanut butter or spiced peanut, this nut has got it all. High in dietary protein and fiber, peanut helps in body development, weight management, and all-over fitness of your child.


Heart-healthy, helps in weight loss, good for skin and what not? Pistachios are really one of the best nuts for kids. Having a good balance of protein, fiber, and other essential nutrients, pistachios stands out from any other nuts. Being tasty itself, pistachios are liked by most children. So you can garnish any food with pistachios and your child will have it happily.



Chestnuts help in reducing constipation problems and lowering blood sugar and pressure levels. It is a good source of vitamins like potassium, calcium, and many others. You may give your kid 8 chestnuts a day which will provide your child a healthy gut and take care of your little one’s heart.

Cashew nuts

Hands down! We all know how much kids love to eat cashews. Good for them as it provides loads of vital nutrients like magnesium, zinc, copper, etc. Being an awesome immunity booster, it stands out from all other nuts. Fueling your kid’s brain development, it is extremely good as a snack. But keep an eye, that your child shouldn’t have too much of it as cashews are high in calories and must be kept in check.


Lowering inflammation, reducing blood sugar levels, and eliminating bad cholesterol, we know how hazelnuts benefit an adult body. But do you know that it is also good for your kids’ health? Being a plant-based protein, a handful of hazelnuts can replace a part of protein rich food in your kid’s diet.

Brazil nuts

Filled with antioxidants, brazil nuts serve to be very nutritious. lt also, contains Selenium, a powerful antioxidant, that helps in reducing the risk of heart-related diseases. They are also good for the eyes of your child as brazil nuts improve vision.

Macadamia nuts

This nut also has a good amount of antioxidants,  vitamins, and minerals. Likewise, these nuts also take care of your child’s heart and gut. But unlike other nuts, this has a bit more fat content. But it’s totally fine for your ward to consume a nut in three days.

Pecan nuts

Pecan nuts provide a great source of energy for a long 24 hours, which means your child can have it in his/her breakfast and can remain energetic and active for the whole day despite doing so much running, jumping, and other activities.



Having contained vitamins like B6 and E, minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc and, other necessary elements, all these above-mentioned nuts are absolutely perfect fits in your kid’s breakfast. You can include 2 of each kind alternatively in their breakfast or even in their tiffin. Your kid may often crave junk snacks, then you can easily hand them these healthy munchies. A handful of almonds or walnuts are the musts for them to have in the morning and the rest to have once a week. This way, you can add a touch of health to their daily diet!