7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Music Therapy


Music is used for healing your soul and it also relaxes your mind right? Whenever one feels upset or down they often take the help of music to heal themselves and feel okay as it is one of the most natural way of taking care of oneself and every individual have their own favorite song, where they can relate to a certain lyrics, tune, rhythm. Have you heard about music therapy? No it’s not like your favorite song actually, it’s not any Bollywood or Hollywood bash it is all about music, tune, something which you might not understand but will give you at most peace.

music therapy

What is Music Therapy?

As the name suggests it is a therapy with the help of music all along. People go for counseling and you will often see the counselors suggest them to take a certain therapy to actually feel what they are going through. And music has always been one of the best remedies for people going through a lot of emotions as it help them cry, feel like dancing, laugh and get motivated. Music therapy helps an individually in healing internally. And music has the ultimate power to turn or mold a person into a healthy person, physically and also mentally.

7 Effective Health Benefits of Music Therapy

Reduces Stress

You will see an individual faces too many things in his day to day life and happens to handle it all but each and everyone has their own limitations and patience and often when that limit crosses it provides stress and unbearable tension and worry, in that due course of time when one listens to a certain sound, something slow, melodious it helps them reach a state of balance and calmness.

Uplifts Mood

Mood swings now a days are pretty common, as working from home, not being able to go out is frustrating people as this was not how the country use to work before. So often people are getting frustrated of the routine, feeling irritated, freedom less and the mood automatically becomes sad and vulnerable, music therapy helps in dealing with devastating mood and eventually uplifts the mood too.

Lower Blood Pressure

Music therapy is suggested to people who have high blood pressure tendency as when one hears to a music which is light and subtle it helps in lowering blood pressure and also heart rate. One of the best medicine for one who loves music and hate any other medicine such as pressure tablets.


Increases Memory

When you hear something good and refreshing it helps your brain to function in more simpler and more effective manner. And when your brain happens to be in its effective state you will automatically remember things pretty easily as all the bad memories which are no more in need requires eliminated and that is done by some good energy which comes from a good music.

Provides Comfort and Eliminates Loneliness

Music heals you and it is one of the most comfortable way to feel what you are going through, it brings back memories, sooths you from internally and provides you a blanket of comfort and safety from your own thoughts which are enough draining and depressing.

Helps with Pain

Music therapy helps one which severe pain or damage to some internal body part. You will often find that in hospitals doctors prefer music during operation to reduce the pressure and also makes the patient comfortable and to forget about the operation. Then also the pain is visible but one will not feel it until one thinks about it, it is all in the mind that lies.

Motivates One Internally

You will find sport person, any trainer to use music to boost themselves up and exercise more effectively as it motivates them and help them in going on. Even music happens to increase serotonin which elevates mood and makes you more active and energetic.

There are many more benefits of music as it keeps your heart healthy, give you a relief from feeling depressed and moreover which is happening very common now a days that’s feeling alone and lonely even in a room full of people, music helps in eliminating that. And music is loved by all starting from a baby who is just born to an old man who is in his death bed.



Music therapy is very much in need as people are going through a lot especially after this pandemic period, it effected the balance of life all together and it will obviously take a lot of time to bring that back to the normal state. Music therapy will help an individual through the process and eventually will help them reach the state of inner peace and balance.


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