Becoming a Modern-Day Mom: The Ultimate Guide


Over the years, being a mother accompanied some expectations that prevented mothers from feeling like girls again. In the 21st century, things have been shifting, and moms are allowed to be pampered and taken care of. In this era, giving birth does not render you hopeless or old; in fact, it introduces you to more opportunities that you wouldn’t have without a baby. So how do you become a modern mom? Simple, the guide below will enlighten you.

modern day mom


Schedule Your Days

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Creating a plan of how your day will go is the best way to start a day. A mom has many activities and errands to run, from morning to night. Develop a sound plan that will guide you throughout the day. Ensure that you create time for yourself too in the program, some time to unwind and have a good rest. One thing to remember is, your schedule should be realistic. Do not overwhelm yourself with many activities in a single day.

Also, stick the schedule on a board or somewhere visible so that others can also know what to do on that day.

Have Your Space and Time


As a mom, most of your time may be dedicated to your kids and partner, leaving you exhausted by the end of the day. Create a space in your home just for you to relax and re-energize. Ensure your partner and kids know that during this time, no one should disturb you. Make it a rule, and you can also include it in your schedule. During this time, ensure you have enough rest or engage in activities that only focus on you.

Personalize Your Things


Having a family may sometimes be overwhelming for any parent. Before having kids, you had things that belonged to you and represented your personality. Everything changes after having kids, and all focus shifts from you and your spouse to your kids. It is essential to think of your kids first; however, you should also focus on yourself any chance you get. Personalizing things may help you achieve that.

You can have a room to yourself with decor that represents you, personalize your car, such as adding custom car lighting, changing the interior, and adding features that suit you.

Find Time for Friends


Friends are an essential part of our lives. Create time to hang out with friends to have some fun, talk about issues, get advice, etc.; as a mom, having friends who are parents too is a bonus because they will understand what you are going through. Go on friend dates, might be in a shopping mall, movies, trade show displays in Las Vegas, and other places that will keep you active.

Hire a babysitter to look after your kids so that you avoid thinking about home when with your friends.



Self-care means taking care of your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Dedicate time to focus on these needs. For physical, enroll in a gym and adhere to the attendance. Exercising is a good way of staying active, healthy, and rejuvenating your body. You can also attend yoga which will have an impact on all three aspects. Also, once in a while, meditate to free your mind from stressors and worries.

Self-care also entails looking good. Buy yourself nice clothes; they don’t have to be expensive. Buy a makeup kit with different products from concealers, lipsticks, eyelash extensions, foundation, etc. Once in a while, dress up and go on dates with your spouse or potential partner.

Focus on Your Career


Being a mom is the best thing in the world for those who have experienced it. However, if you are a career woman, get back to it after having a baby. Depending on what you prefer, some women prefer staying at home until kids are all grown up to get back to work, while others as soon as the baby starts weaning. All these options are okay if you still want to focus on your career.

Women are known to be multitaskers, hence, juggling a career, a baby, a spouse, and themselves may not be easy, but it is doable. Do not be embarrassed to ask for help whenever you need it.

Go on Vacations


Organize a lovely holiday for you and your family to go and relax and have adventures. Plan with your spouse the best days to go for a vacation. It can just be over the weekend if your schedules are too tight or during the holidays. Take your kids and have an adventure. A vacation is a form of release for the whole family since you are off from work and the kids are off school.


Being a parent is a full-time job; however, it does not mean you have to abandon your needs. Taking care of others starts with taking care of yourself. Your baby will appreciate an energized and happy mother, and for this reason, self-care is paramount for any parent. Gone are the days when mothers had to stay at home and be housewives against their will. It is good to focus on your needs too.