21 Miscarriage Tattoo Ideas


The memory of undergoing a miscarriage is something that lasts forever. Many parents feel proud to honor their lost child through the way of a tattoo.

Miscarriage baby angel tattoo is a special tattoo type inked in honor and memory of an unborn child, lost for any possible reason. Usually, people ink various types of tattoos in the memory of miscarried child depending upon their tradition, reasons, and beliefs. Generally, some wordings are also used with the miscarriage baby angel tattoos to depict the feelings of the heart.

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Amazing Miscarriage Tattoo Ideas

Making a decision to get a tattoo inked in the memory of your loved child is a visible reminder that they can never be forgotten. Here are some nice miscarriage tattoo ideas to get inked.

1. “I still carry you”

The “I still carry you” tattoo is a simple reminder that the baby might have gone but is, certainly, not forgotten.

2. Footprint Angel Tattoo

Many people take the idea of tiny baby feet, along with wings added to symbolize the angel baby.


3. The Dandelion Tattoo

The dandelion design shows the flower that allows its parts to fly free.

4. Angel Wings with Baby footprints

This tattoo shows little footprints of the lost baby amid angel wings and a holy halo.

5. Flying Little Angel

Get a flying little angel on your arm with a holy halo over the head. Add the wording – “While your baby learns to walk, my baby learns to fly.”

6. Baby Footprint with EKG Heartbeat

A simple heartbeat has always been a good idea of tattoo. Adding baby footprints is a good idea to symbolize miscarriage.

Miscarriage Tattoo

7. Twin Miscarriage Angel Wings

This is miscarriage baby twins tattoo that depicts twin babies sleeping together wrapped inside angel wings with added wordings – “Too Beautiful for Earth.”


8. Angelic Miscarriage Ribbon

This tattoo depicts a purple and pink miscarriage ribbon covered by angel wings on both sides.

9. Miscarriage Ribbon with Dark Hearts

A heart drawn with a miscarriage ribbon reveals your grief very well. Add the wording as per your emotions and feelings.

10. Heart within a Heart

Another beautiful design for unique miscarriage tattoo is outlined heart in heart which implies that the baby will always live in your heart.

11. Celtic Mom and Child Symbol

This is a miscarriage baby angel tattoo that outlines a Celtic mother holding a child close to her heart.

12. Miscarriage Ribbon Heart with Two Flying Butterflies

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day is symbolized with a purple and pink ribbon. This also makes a beautiful tattoo to support miscarriage awareness.

13. Simple Angel Embryo with Wings

Angel embryo with wings and holy halo along with colorful stars depicts the loss of an unborn baby.


14. Be Still

This inscription tattoo specifies that at the end, al one wants for the baby as well as the hearts is to “be still”.

15. Angel Baby Tattoo behind the Ear

This is a sweet way to remember your lost baby. A tiny angel baby behind the ear forever!

16. Angel Baby inside a Colorful Heart

An angel baby drawn in the center of a colorful heart resembles that the lost baby will be there in your heart forever!

17. Always on my Mind, Forever in My Heart

Sometimes, the dates do all that is required. Getting a tattoo with this quote written in heart shape with a date at the center is a heart touching way to symbolize loss.

18. Always Remembered

This is a miscarriage baby tattoo that includes an angel winged heart with holy halo and wording – “Always Remembered”.

19. I Carry your Heart

This tattoo inscription indicates that the mother carries the heart of the child in her heart forever.


20. Family of Birds on a Branch and Flying Above

This makes a beautiful tribute to your angel in heaven. A couple of birds sits on the branch while the young one is seen flying away.

21. Angel Baby with Wings

This tattoo highlights an angel baby, wrapped safely in its wings. Angel wings are believed to symbolize the memory of a loved one. Baby sleeping in angel wings tattoo signifies that the lost baby sleeps at peace.