7 Amazing Health Benefits of Maitake Mushroom


The large, multi capped mushrooms are wild in origin. The name “Maitake” hails from Japan and is a common term for the Grifola frondosa mushrooms. We all are acquainted with the uses of these mushrooms- where to add, when to add, and how to add. Our concern is mostly about the taste that Maitake mushrooms have to offer, but it’s time we think about the health benefits of this wild variety.

Maitake mushrooms have been for long used in traditional medicines in neighboring China and Japan. The specialty of Maitake mushrooms is that it isn’t merely a tasty add on to your food items, but attached with it are a variety of purposes that it serves- from boosting the immunity to preventing cancer. This blog is your guideline to the methods in which you can utilize these mushrooms to your benefit, and how you can incorporate it in your dishes.

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7 Surprising Health Benefits of Maitake Mushroom
Maitake Mushroom Extract
Side Effects of Maitake Mushrooms
Can it be Taken During Pregnancy?
Can we Give it to Kids?
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7 Surprising Health Benefits of Maitake Mushroom

The Ability to Fight Cancer

We know that tumors are of two types- benign and malignant. Maitake mushrooms serve as a potential source of nutrients and minerals required to fight the germs that lead to tumors, or even cancers, by altering the ability of these cells to multiply in the body. This has been declared by the scientists after research on mice found closure. Breast cancer, one of the most common devastating diseases of all time, is also known to be vulnerable to the health benefits of Maitake mushrooms.

maitake mushrooms benefits

Fight the Viruses

The most common cause of diseases these days are viruses. The contagious viruses are capable of entering the host’s body and completely taking over its mechanism for its own functioning. Common diseases like cough, cold, caused by flu viruses can be treated, and also prevented by consuming Maitake mushrooms sometimes in a while.

Say “No” to Blood Pressure Related Problems

Blood pressure fluctuations are a part of every household discussion nowadays. But did you know that blood pressure can be regulated by simply taking in some natural ingredients! Yes, Maitake mushrooms are an all in all package, that also helps regulate the blood pressure.

Fulfills Energy Requirements

Maitake mushrooms are abundant in fatty acids, so when you do consume them, these compounds are broken down to form ATP by a process called metabolism. ATP is the source of energy in the human body. Thus, having some mushrooms in your breakfast or your lunch can give you some extra sustenance by boosting up your energy.

Acts as a Cholesterol Regulator

High cholesterol levels are often considered responsible for heart-related problems. By promoting good cholesterol and battling bad cholesterol in the body, Maitake mushrooms promote a healthy cholesterol environment within the body. This further reduces the chance of a person becoming prone to cardiovascular diseases or those related to arteries.

 A Release from the Claws of Diabetes

Diabetes, as we all know, are of two types. Although the ability of Maitake mushrooms to maintain healthy functioning of type-2 diabetes affected individuals has been scientifically proven, not much has been said about its effect on type-1 diabetes affected people.

For people affected by diabetes, the intake of a high dosage of medicines is not feasible either, so, why not consider this potential source of health as an alternative?

Boosts the Immunity

Maitake mushrooms are a perfect combination of health and taste. When you delve deep into the healthy properties, you will surely get to know that Maitake mushrooms contain great amounts of potassium, calcium, magnesium. Not just that, but it also contains amino acids, fibers, and vitamins like vitamin B2, D, etc. This combination corresponds to an overall positive impact on the body and serves as a source to almost all deficiencies within the body, hence helps the immune system perform even better.

Maitake Mushroom Extract

Among the famous food ingredients of Asia are the Maitake mushrooms. Not just were Maitake mushroom extracts incorporated in traditional medicines, but the new generation medicine professionals are also recommending Maitake mushrooms. Earlier known to have cured diabetes and high blood pressure, these extracts are now available in packaged form and as drugs that help fight dangerous diseases like HIV, cancer, etc. Maitake mushrooms for cancer patients can prove to be of great help, especially those suffering from breast cancer.

Side Effects of Maitake Mushrooms

Most people are usually non-allergic to Maitake mushrooms, unlike other varieties of mushrooms that are available in the market.  But some may still be beyond escape.

Fresh mushrooms should be a preference because the older the mushrooms, the harder it is to digest it. Also, make sure you have well-cooked your mushrooms before you eat them. This will ensure proper digestion.

People who have undergone surgery in the recent past must absolutely refrain from eating Maitake mushrooms.

Having read the blog, you know that Maitake mushrooms can help diabetic patients. But please do consult your doctor before relying on Maitake mushrooms completely, because there are other mechanisms of the body might be simultaneously affected (like blood pressure).

Can it be Taken During Pregnancy?

Maitake mushrooms, though, are considered to be promoting growth and healthy development, it is safe to consult your doctor before you consume them while pregnant, because poisoned or old mushrooms can cause harm to the fetus, if not the mother.

Can we Give it to Kids?

The vitamin and mineral-rich Maitake mushrooms are a great way of imparting health to kids. They are good for health at the same time that they have got great taste. So, do not refrain from feeding your kid some Maitake mushrooms that are rich in iron, calcium, vitamin D, and so much more!

Simple Recipes

You may add some roasted Maitake mushrooms to your soup or gravy to add the special Maitake flavor, or simply prepare for yourself a barley soup with mushrooms.

Or else, if you are looking for something delicious, why not try fried mushrooms with your favorite flavor pasta and garlic bread!


Maitake mushrooms are just the perfect result of health juxtaposed with taste. So, whether it’s a pasta weekend or a soup bowl breakfast, don’t forget to add some delicious mushrooms to your meal!