Are Instant Noodles Safe During Pregnancy?


Refined flour, preservatives, msg or monosodium glutamate, trans fat and salts are some of the instant noodles.

Pregnancy can spark up many different things in the body such that the temptation to have anything and quench their cravings is way beyond imagination. For a few, it might be ice cream, while for others it might be junk food. The choices vary from person to person. Hence when a pregnant woman happens to crave for instant noodles, there are some doubts raised as you never really know was how it might affect the baby and what kind of side effects could it cause. So let’s dive deeper into this topic and know the various things that instant noodles could do to you and your body during pregnancy. Let’s get started.

Reasons Why You Should Avoid Instant Noodles During Pregnancy

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Having instant noodles as your favourite thing is something that everyone dreams. Not only this, but makes it so much more difficult for anyone to resist their cravings when it comes to instant noodles. Talking about the time during pregnancy, it can be a serious thing to deal with as these cravings can always keep you in a miserable spot whether or not to have it or not. But then it’s a clear no, that you really cannot have instant noodles because of the presence of MSG or monosodium glutamate. It’s a harmful substance that can affect the baby in many different ways. Not only this but then the very components of instant noodles are given below that can give you a number of reasons as to why it’s not advisable for anyone to have instant noodles during their pregnancy.

Refined flour

This is nothing but fine refined all-purpose wheat flour that has no nutritional value and thus can be really harmful to the human body. Especially for pregnant women, it can affect the metabolism rate of the person and also cause insufficient nutrients to even reach the baby. The deposits of such kinds of flour are long-lasting and can prove to be fatal as well.


To make the product long lasting and not degrade over time, there are artificial flavors and preservatives added in order to get the overall taste and make it look the same even after several months of manufacture. These are really harmful to the baby as it alters the overall development of the baby and can prove to be some kind of alternating factor in how the baby turns out to be in the end.


MSG or monosodium glutamate

Well, no one ever said that MSG in small quantities was ever going to be a risk. Yes, you can have MSG added to your food but then the overall risks that you were going to expose yourself through are also very high.

Trans fat

It’s a bad thing to ingest any kind of fats during pregnancy as there are so many bad consequences that your baby might have to deal with. Usually having a healthy body is fine but having a body that has insoluble fat can pose a risk in the rise of cholesterol and also cause it to not help the baby to develop properly.


During pregnancy, it’s often recommended that you have less salty food as salt tends to elevate the overall stress levels in the body which can thus cause some bad things to happen. In pregnancy, remaining calm and having that peace of mind is always key to a healthy body. But then ingestion of even 100 grams of instant noodles can expose your body with nearly 5 grams of salt which could spark hypertension in one’s body at the time of pregnancy.

How could you make instant noodles healthy?

There are a number of the ways through which anyone could make instant noodles healthy that can prove to bring a drastic change in the way that one might consume the product. The different ways are given below.

  • Trying an alternative to instant noodles could be the type of instant noodles that you might have. Trying the ones that are healthy to the body are key in ensuring that its only fulfils your cravings and doesn’t cause any side effects on the long run.
  • Addition of vegetables and other spices to the end products or while making instant noodles can prove to be a dish that is filled with vitamins and minerals. So try this as well.
  • Addition of oil also can make it really interesting to have during pregnancy as it makes the dish to have a smoother vibe in eating than just being something that you cannot have.

Therefore, in the end, always try to neglect yourself from eating any kind of instant noodles products. If you ever feel like having, then try to have it once in 2-3 weeks. All the best.



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