11 Important Tips for Safe Cycling for New Moms


Go cycling, cycling is a hobby that has become a popular pastime, especially since anyone can participate and in addition to having fun, there will be exercise also. Moreover, riding a bicycle does not harm the environment, so it is also a good thing to learn.

Riding a bicycle is a responsibility because it is a vehicle, although it is not motorized, it requires great training. Safety when riding a bicycle is paramount. It is even more important that you take precautions and safety since it is necessary for your children to see in you a good example when riding in this two-wheeled vehicle and pedals. Safety is essential to enjoy sports in a fun way and being a mom with responsibilities, it becomes more important that you take some tips.

Cycling for New Moms: 11 Road Safety Rules

Cycling for New Moms: 11 Road Safety Rules

1. The helmet

It is very important to start the safety routines by putting on a helmet suitable for riding a bicycle. A helmet can help prevent large head injuries. It is necessary that the helmet fits correctly, so it can not be too big or too small. It should have a perfect size.

2. Visibility

It is also essential that you be visible to others. A bright clothing and having reflectors on the bike can make a difference in your safety. That way people can see where you are going even in low light. Riding a bicycle during the day is safer, so it is necessary to avoid the bicycle at dusk or at night.

3. Look then move

Always stop to look to the right, to the left, and to the right again. Observe traffic in both directions, especially when leaving a road. And always cross the road at intersections.


4. Respect the safety distance

Maintain an adequate safety distance from the vehicle in front of you. 4 or 5 meters can be enough at a speed of 20 km / h. For this reason, it is totally inadvisable to get behind other vehicles like buses to gain speed.

5. Maintain proper distance

Do not drive too close to parked cars, the doors can open suddenly and cause a dangerous fall. Stop at all stop signs and obey the traffic lights.

If you go as a family, go in line, one behind the other. Learn the traffic signs and signs that are dedicated to cyclists (such as pointing with one hand where you are going to turn).

6. Circular inside the lane

Unlike what happens with cyclists on the road, who must drive on the shoulder or at the right end of the lane, urban cyclists must use the center of the lane to prevent vehicles from moving ahead without respecting a minimum safety space. If the road has more than one lane in each direction, it is advisable to always use the one located to the right, except when it is not the most suitable for your destination.

7. Plan your route in advance

It will allow you to choose the most suitable streets to reach your destination.

8. If you have to get on the sidewalk, get off the bike and walk

If you get on the sidewalk, get off the bike and walk. Pedaling in areas reserved for pedestrians is sanctioned in most municipal ordinances.


9. Never release both hands

Never release both hands from the handlebar. Just to make some sign so that other drivers know what move you are going to make.

10. Focus on brakes

Keep in mind that the brakes of a bicycle are very basic and simple, so you have to keep in mind the speed at which you drive, and know at any time if the brakes will respond efficiently when using them.

11. Respect the traffic light

If you have to cross a busy avenue, try to do it on foot, respecting the traffic light and looking both ways when crossing.

Riding a cycle can bring substantial improvements to the health of society as a whole, due to better air quality, noise and danger reduction, and greater independence for children. Remember, if you have to park your cycle in the street, we recommend that you use an approved lock to prevent the theft of your cycle.

The safety of riding a bicycle can vary depending on where you live, the structure of the road and the time of day you decide to ride together. It is important to plan family outings to ride a bicycle and ensure that everyone follows the safety rules. Following them is of vital importance to enjoy this hobby as a family.