11 Home Remedies to Overcome Painful Ovulation


Mittelschmerz or painful ovulation can come in way of your normal functioning and daily chores. Thankfully, there are a number of remedies that come in handy in treating painful ovulation. What’s more? These remedies are all natural and have no side effects whatsoever. Try them today!

For a certain section of women, ovulation may be a painful experience. The ovary releases eggs during ovulation every month. It is often accompanied by pain. This is known as ‘mittelschmerz’. Although commercial treatment can comfort you during these phases, it is better to have an option at home. You will come across a number of natural and home-made remedies for this syndrome. When you know how to treat the problem yourself, you need not rush to the physician every month. Here are eleven home remedies to overcome painful ovulation.

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Natural Remedies to Overcome Painful Ovulation

Green tea

You need to consume a few cups of green tea every day to fight off the pain during painful ovulation. It is a good home remedy and enhances the reproductive health. Binding globulin, a sex hormone, is stimulated by this tea and it comforts the body during mittelschmerz.

Consume fluids

During mittelschmerz, the body gets dehydrated and it results in cramping. You need to drink plenty of water to keep up the fluid level in your body. Take different drinks and beverages at regular intervals to push up the fluid content of your body. It will help you fight painful ovulation.

Saw palmetto

Another herb that can comfort you during painful ovulation is saw palmetto. You feel the discomfiture due to suppressed ovulation at times. This herb stimulates the ovulation process and helps you to deal with the situation. You need to consume around four to six drops of this herb every day to maintain the normal functioning of your system.


ovulation painful


Exercise is one of the most recommended natural remedies for painful ovulation. You can go for jogging, cycling or swimming to keep the body comfortable. Even a regular walk for an extended period can deal with the problem. Exercises ensures optimum hormone production in the body, cutting down the pain.

Red clover

You need to maintain the balance of acids and alkali in your system to prevent painful ovulation. Red clover is ideal for this purpose. If you suffer from irregular menses, this herb can fix the problem. The isoflavone content in red clover increases the level of fertility in the body.

Heat compresses

The muscles in the abdominal areas suffer from spasms during painful ovulation. During this time, you need to press a hot compress on the muscles. The heat helps to increase the circulation of blood in the region and reduces the pain to a large extent.

Essential oils

Essential oils have long been used to treat mittelschmerz at home. Lavender oil, basil oil, chamomile oil and other essential oils help to increase the blood circulation. You simply need to apply hem on the sides of your body or use the warm oil as a compress on the stomach.

Have food containing spices

Spices like cayenne pepper, black pepper, cinnamon and ginger increase the heat level in the internal system of your body. This helps to fight off the pain during painful ovulation. You can have spicy food for breakfast or in the evening. These spices will help you to deal with the pain.


Chaste berry

Chaste berry is one of the most important natural herbs that normalize the functioning of the pituitary gland. It stimulates normal production of hormones from this gland. You can consume this herb along with tea, in the form of powder or as a liquid extract. However, you should use it continuously for around two to three months to feel the difference.

Leaf of red raspberry

The leaves of red raspberry promote fertility in women. The fibre content of these leaves prevents excess production of insulin and regulates the blood vessels. The reproductive organs are toned by this herb. Combine these leaves with peppermint when you use it.

Evening primrose oil

It is essential to balance the hormones in the body during painful ovulation. Oil of evening primrose contains certain fatty acids, which help to balance these hormones. It is also beneficial in lubricating the mucous membrane and increasing the cervical fluid quality.

These home remedies for mittelschmerz will add to your comfort level and you need not get a medical prescription every time you suffer from this problem. However, have a consultation with your doctor if the problem continues. Try out these strategies and check out if you can benefit from them.

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