Can You Use Hemp When Breastfeeding Or When You Are Pregnant?


It is now legal to cultivate industrial hemp medical marijuana in some States. A formal process is in place to be able to apply for and obtain this license of cultivation. The recent cultivation permission changes around America have led many to ask about the differences between the two cannabis Sativa plant-derived products and if they are safe for use when pregnant or breastfeeding. As we discover below, amongst other cannabis news, although they come from the same plant, their uses are contrasting on the whole.

hemp and pregnancy

How Industrial Hemp Is Used in General

Industrial hemp has no psychoactive effects but has a similar range of medical advantages despite its dramatically lower THC content than in processed marijuana flowers. It is estimated that around 10% fewer THC levels are present in hemp compared to cannabis. Common usage of industrial hemp involves CBD extracts, skincare, fuel, culinary oils, seeds for human consumption, construction materials, molded plastics, textiles, and paper products. As you can see from this list, it is mostly targeted to provide therapeutic benefits from extracted CBD properties. It is widely identified as a robust and malleable product from which to nurture food and fibers from the seeds hemp contains.

Hemp and Breastfeeding

Hemp products are just as effective and safe for breastfeeding mothers as they are for pregnant women. Hemp products are safe, it’s CBD and THC that you should avoid. Any concerns you have about CBD and THC making it to your breastmilk is so low that you don’t have to worry.

Hemp and Pregnancy

Hemp seed is wonderful, but pregnancy is a special condition. Hemp is a well-known effective anti-coagulant; in other words, it thins the blood. This can have danger or risk implications for many women. You must not assume that just because something is filled with good properties, it is always the best thing to do. Even though hemp is relatively safe, especially compared to other strains, there is always a risk, and it is a personal choice to make.

The General Use Of Medical Marijuana 

Due to the pain relief associated with cannabis use for many medical conditions, the uses of marijuana are generally well known. Of course, they still split opinion, with some still hesitant about their use while others promote and celebrate their contribution to treatment plans. A lot of it is down to the level of education and knowledge about the prescribed drug treatment.


Any permitting state will have its own list of eligible medical disorders that qualify for medical marijuana use. To receive a legal, medical cannabis usage plan, you need a medical marijuana license after being assessed and consented to by a medical professional in the form of a registered physician. Medical marijuana products are also a common use of the drug; these come in many forms and can be found across the country in operational markets selling candies, tinctures, topicals, wax, smokable flowers, and all sorts of infused baked treats.