Health Benefits of Camel Milk for Kids


Some of the health benefits of camel’s milk for children are that it has less fat and it is good for neurological development, is rich in protein, acts as a better alternative for children with lactose intolerance, a good alternative for kids with cow milk allergies, it is a good source of vitamins and minerals, strengthens the immune system, can control type 1 diabetes, protects and repairs damage to liver and it is showing potential in reducing symptoms in autism spectrum disorder.

Camel, known as the “ship of the desert” has been domesticated by humans for many thousands of years now. This animal, mainly found in Africa and Middle east has been used as one of the main animals for transport in the harsh desert conditions. Camel is best known for its ability to go without food and water in harsh desert conditions for very long times. In fact during middle ages and also during 18th and 19th centuries, camels have been used in wars as well. The word camel is derived from Latin and Greek words camelus and gamal in Hebrew. Apart from using camel for human and cargo transport, camel’s milk has been consumed in Middle Eastern and African countries for a very long time.

It is believed in Middle Eastern and African countries that camel milk possesses medicinal properties and has been used as ailment for various diseases. In the recent past, scientific investigations into the medicinal properties of camel milk have been conducted and they support the ancient view about camel’s milk.

Camel Milk Health Benefits for Kids
Health Benefits of Camel Milk for Kids

 Source: Healthy Way of Life

Health benefits of camel milk for kids

Listed below are some of the health benefits of camel milk for kids.

Has less fat and its good for brain

Unlike cow milk or buffalo milk, camel milk contains less fat. Even this fat consists of fewer short chained fatty acids and high concentrations of volatile acids such as linoleic and polyunsaturated fats. These are especially helpful for the growth of brain cells.


Is rich in protein

In the Middle Eastern culture, camel milk is considered as wholesome food. Camel milk is also a good source of protein. These proteins can play a vital role in the development of infants and kids suffering from malnutrition.

Can be a better alternative for lactose intolerance

Unlike cow milk or buffalo milk, camel milk contains less lactose. This can be a very good alternative for children who are lactose intolerant.

Good source of vitamins and minerals

Apart from having lesser lactose, camel milk also contains high levels of potassium, magnesium, iron, copper, manganese and zinc. It also has good amounts of vitamin C and B compared to cow milk. But it is low in vitamin A.

Is a good alternative for cow milk allergies

Cow milk contains B-lactoglobulin and B-casein which are considered as high allergens. These allergens make cow milk allergic in some children. For such children, camel milk can be a better alternative because, it does not contain these allergy causing proteins.

Strengthens the immune system

According to research, camel milk can be very much helpful in strengthening immune system in humans. One of the reasons being that the immunoglobulins found in camel milk are very similar in structure to human immunoglobulins but they are very small in size. This smaller size makes it easy for them to penetrate tissues and fight against bacteria and viruses. Apart from this, camel milk has also shown promising results in reducing the effect of autoimmunity.

Can control Type 1 Diabetes

Children with type 1 diabetes can consume camel milk instead of cow milk or buffalo milk. A one year study on patients suffering from type 1 diabetes showed that consuming camel milk can reduce the incidence of insulin dosage required in long term management.


Can help in protecting liver

Camel milk has the potential in protecting liver and reversing damage caused to it. Some studies have shown that camel milk can protect liver against damage caused by CCl4 or carbon tetrachloride in rats. The study recommends camel milk as good potent for curing liver diseases.

Camel milk for therapy in autism spectrum disorders

Today, camel milk is being used for therapeutic purposes in autism spectrum disorders. One of the main causes, as identified is that in cow milk and buffalo milk, beta-casein and beta-lactuloglobulin is not broken down properly and a powerful opoid is formed. This leads to the cognitive symptoms often found in autism spectrum disorders. This can be reduced greatly with camel milk because of the lack of casein and lactuloglobulin proteins in it. Studies have shown that when autistic children consumed camel milk, hyperactivity decreased with increased alertness, better social interaction and effort to obey instructions were observed.

Can treat Crohn’s Disease

Crohn’s disease is caused by bacterial infection of Mycobacterium avium paratuberculosis. It has been noted that this bacteria can spread through cow’s milk and is unaffected by pasteurization. It has also been noted that this bacteria which belongs to the species of bacteria causing tuberculosis can be treated with camel’s milk due to its anti-bacterial properties.

These are some of the health benefits offered by camel’s milk for children.