Going Out With Multiple Kids: 3 Tips For Busy Moms


Going out with one child is already a huge responsibility. But imagine being a busy mom and going out with two or more kids. There are a lot of things it entails, like getting them ready and out of the house, then putting them in the car and in their car seats, not to mention all the things you’ll have to bring to keep them happy and occupied and to get yourself ready for toilet changes or feeding time while you’re out. Upon arriving at your destination, you also have to put them in their prams. Even the thought of it is simply draining. 

going out with kids

Your kids’ ages may be spaced relatively close to each other. So, if you do the math, that’s at least a couple of years of having to take them with you everywhere before one of them starts school. It’s a lot to take in, but, as stressful as it may seem, nothing’s impossible for every super mom. 

Breathe a little, and make going out with multiple kids much easier with tried-and-tested hacks, starting with a good double pram and many more in this article. 

  • Invest In A Double Stroller 

First on this list is a must-have for busy moms with multiple kids. It’s inevitable that occasionally, you’ll have to run errands alone. You may have already known that a good stroller works wonders, but because you have multiple kids, you’ll need something better. And this calls for a double stroller. 

As its name suggests, a double stroller can hold two kids in just one stroller. You can have a side-by-side stroller where both kids are beside each other. Or, you can have them facing each other. There’s no strict rule, so choose what’s most comfortable for you and your kids. After all, the double pram you invest in is there to help make going out with your kids a lot more manageable. 


Manufacturers today have their versions of the double stroller, so when buying one, choose wisely. Ideally, the best ones have unquestionable quality while also known for being easy to fold and unfold. It’s a plus to have one with extra storage space at the bottom, where you can hold not just your kids’ diaper bags but also a few other items from when you’re running errands. 

  • Take It Slow 

Because you have at least two more little people with you, going out takes much more planning this time. This means putting extra time into preparing everyone for the day out, even if it’s only for doing errands. It’s impossible to do this in a rush. Otherwise, you’ll likely leave one child’s shoe or favorite doll to keep them occupied while in their pram. 

Therefore, while preparing for a day out, keep calm and stay relaxed. That way, you can double-check and remember everything you have to bring. Also, if you’re already stressed out before you even leave, chances are, your outing won’t be any different. The last thing you’d want is an unsuccessful errand day, all because you are feeling emotionally unwell. 

Most importantly, young children and infants, in particular, can sense when their mom is stressed. The chances of having happier, more content kids, despite a long day of errands, are higher when they’re not taking in all the negative energy from you, too. 

  • Bring Lots Of Spares 

If you’re only out for half the day, then at least one spare set of clothes per child will suffice. But, if you are out longer, be prepared to have at least two extra sets of clothes. You don’t have to bring this in your bag, but leave one in your car, just in case. The same rule applies to nappies, toys, formula milk, and snacks. 

When you’re prepared for a poop explosion or a spill on their clothes, it’ll save you so much of your sanity. It’s more than just the appearance. Young kids will be uncomfortable if they are wearing unclean diapers or wet clothes. If you leave it until you’re home, you’ll likely be dealing with a smelly and cranky kid while finishing up at the supermarket.  


Final Thoughts 

Taking care of multiple kids inside the comforts of your home is already a major responsibility. Having to leave and go out and about with them is an entirely different story, as the exhaustion multiplies a hundredfold. But, take a deep breath, mama, as those days won’t last forever. One day you’ll get to do the supermarket run in peace or leave the house with empty hands. The chaos of those noisy, messy, but loveable and enjoyable children will soon be away. 

So, right now, take in all the stress and make the most out of it. Moms have it all figured out, and with the tips above, you’ll be going out with your organized little army, looking like it didn’t take so much of your willpower to do so.