How to Get Rid of Mice


Mice are a big problem for many people. They can infiltrate homes and cause major damage to food supplies, furniture, and even your electrical wiring. If you have a mouse infestation, it is important to take the necessary steps to get rid of them as soon as possible. There are a few different methods that you can use, we do suggest natural mice repellent when possible.

get rid of mice

How to repel mice from home and garage

Mice can fit through spaces as small as the size of a dime, so if you have an opening in your home or garage that is larger than this they could easily get inside. To start with, inspect these areas for any holes around windows, doors, and even wiring where they may be able to enter.

If there are openings on the exterior of your house then it’s also important to caulk them up before mice find their way into your living space. After doing all that has been recommended above you should wait at least three days before moving onto step two which involves setting traps along common mouse pathways within your home.

You must leave some food out for the mice when placing rodent poison down because once it’s eaten, they will go back to their nests and then the poison will kill them. If you don’t wait for this step then they may avoid your trap or bait station instead of coming into contact with it.

Mice like to stay close together when living in a group, so if one mouse dies from eating poisoned food you should expect more mice to arrive as well because those that are left behind will be looking for new members to join their colony. To get rid of mice completely it’s important not only to use traps along common pathways but also ones inside walls where they commonly hide as well as place down rodenticides around specific areas such as dumpsters and garbage cans near your home.


If there is any chance that children or pets might come across the poison make sure that it’s kept in a safe place where they can’t access it. The last step is to wait for the mice to eat all of the bait before setting out repellents around your home since you don’t want them getting used to eating food within certain areas and then avoid those same traps or stations next time.

What repels mice from your house

Since mice are excellent climbers they can get into your home even if there are no openings around the exterior. They will use brick, stucco, and another masonry to climb up walls in order to gain access through windows on higher floors or roof tiles that have been loosened by strong gusts of wind.

You also must be extremely cautious when cleaning out areas where food has become infected because it may attract mice over time which is why keeping spills cleaned up as soon as possible is crucial for preventing their return since once you’re done with a specific area then it’s important not only clean but dry thoroughly before sealing them off completely so that new contaminants don’t accumulate anywhere else within your home.

Some natural pest repellent options include things like peppermint oil, mint leaves, human hair clippings (from barber shops), coffee grounds, cloves as well as orange peel are effective because if their smell bothers humans it’s even worse for mice which may keep them from coming back into your living space at all.

No matter what method you choose for getting rid of mice you should re-evaluate your choice if it doesn’t seem to be working after a couple of weeks have passed.

Easy fixes to keep rats from coming back

Once you get rid of mice it’s important to seal up any new openings around the exterior of your home or garage since these can also be entry points for other pests like rats which are even more difficult to control. Mice and rats generally stay within three hundred feet of their nest, so if you find one dead on your property then it’s likely that there is another rat somewhere nearby especially during the winter months when they’re looking for warmer climates in order to survive. This means that traps along common pathways will not work unless placed down multiple times in different areas rather than just once because each time a trap is set out near an infestation it should have some sort of bait inside such as peanut butter, chocolate, or cheese depending on what they may prefer.


Rats are nocturnal animals that will avoid bright lights and loud noises whenever possible, so leaving porch or garage lights on overnight is an effective way to get rid of them since they’ll be easier to trap once you see where they’re coming from. The most important step in preventing mice or rats from returning is sealing up any openings around the exterior of your home including doors, windows as well as dryer vents which should all have fine mesh screens installed over top along with weather stripping for areas like underneath doorways which can allow small rodents to slip inside without too much trouble.

If you’ve tried everything but still notice signs of an infestation then it’s time to call a pest control company because homemade remedies may not work especially if there’s a large amount of activity in the area. You can try peppermint oils or even bleach which are both natural sprays but they may not be strong enough to kill off an entire infestation especially if there’s a lot of mice droppings near entry points since this is how diseases are spread around your property. Some of these methods may work well as a natural bird repellent as well, or deter any other type of pests.

A pest control company will have more effective ways for getting rid of mice without using too many dangerous pesticides that could harm you, your family members as well as pets so always look into different options before deciding on one specific brand name.

As we’ve seen, there are a lot of things you can do to help repel mice from your home and garage. However, the most important thing is that you take proactive steps instead of waiting for them to come back. The best way to keep rats from coming back is by clearing up any places they might want to nest or hide—and then sealing those areas off so they have no choice but to leave. If you’re looking for an easy way to keep mice and rats away from your home, try using any of the methods mentioned in this blog post. You can also call a professional exterminator if you need help with rodent infestations. We hope these tips were helpful!