6 Important Facts to Remember to Get Pregnant Faster


Get off birth control, calculate fertile days, have sex without protection before ovulation, use the best time and the best position, create a routine and be vigilant of changes are some of the important facts to remember to get pregnant faster.

Human beings comprise a race that procreates by the birth of a newer generation, each individual passing on their legacy through their young one. If you are settled with a loving partner and are sure and secure in your life together, you may be looking into expanding your family by having a child with your partner. However, that may not be the only motive behind you looking into how to get pregnant. In the age that we live in, alternative lifestyles are being accepted more freely and while single parenthood or same sex relationships are not easy, they are still possible.

But creating a child and bringing them up is a serious affair that begs due consideration before you embark on your special journey. For starters, it is undoubtedly going to be an arduous affair. While pregnancy may happen to some women early on, for others it may take a long time. If you are wondering how to get pregnant fast it is important to understand how unprotected sex and pregnancy work, and a few tricks that can help you get pregnant fast.

Biology behind pregnancy

When stripped down to its basic biology, sexual intercourse is the fertilization of the female egg in a woman’s body by the sperm produced in the body of a man. A successful fertilization leads to the development of a foetus inside the body of the woman, which is what we call pregnancy. And it is this fertilization of the female egg by the male sperm that we should be concerned with in order to know how to get pregnant fast.

An egg is produced in the body of women once every month, 14 days after her period has ended. Sometimes more than one egg may be released within 24 hours of the first. The egg slowly begins to make its way down the fallopian tube as the inner lining of the uterus thins out and the mucus in the cervix acquires a lesser consistency to allow the sperms to pass so that you can get pregnant fast.

Successful fertilization of the egg happens in the fallopian tube as the uterus is made ready to implant the egg after fertilization. If the process fails and the egg remains as it is, it is passed out of the body along with the uterus lining when the woman has her next period. It is this fusion of gametes that complicate things.


6 Best Tips on How to Get Pregnant Fast

how to get pregnant fast

Get off birth control

If you have been on some kind of birth control, it is obvious that you remember to be off the hook while trying to have a baby. The time before which you need to be off birth control depends on the type of treatment you resorted to. In order to get pregnant fast, you must remember to be off the pill about a month before you start trying or get off birth control shots at least nine months before you begin your trial.

Calculate fertile days

As the egg is released at the end of 14 days from the last period, you need to calculate the dates and take a more organic approach to what you want to do. Having unprotected sex about 15 days before a woman’s next period increased the chances of fertilization. Remember that this is something that you are both equally involved, it would be imperative that you make an attempt to keep track of her dates.

Have sex without protection before ovulation

Protection may be an important part of sex life and hygiene in general, but exceptions need to be made when you are dealing with the idea of pregnancy. Do away with condoms for a while at the stipulated date, give in to the urges and see where that takes you.

Use the best time and the best position

There is a definite organized route that you can take in order to be more efficient. Just like calculating the time when the egg may be released, you need to pay attention to find out positions to get pregnant fast. While you have a whole routine to choose from, make sure that you use positions that allow the vagina to be on a downward gradient so that the sperm can reach its destination and begin the whole process.

Create a routine

While you may be pregnant within a limited period of trial, the truth is that most women face issues with getting pregnant. If it doesn’t happen on one go, do not panic. You and your partner better create a routine in their lives that is attuned to the biological cycle of the woman. From a healthy lifestyle to adventurous sex positions, a routine is the best way to ensure the best possible outcomes.


Be vigilant of changes

While you and your partner try to become pregnant, it is important that you be alert about any changes occurring in your body. Keep strict track of your menstrual cycle and await the day that you miss your period for the much-welcome good news.

These six steps may look simple, but there is a lot going on in your body that you need to be aware of as you look into how to get pregnant fast. If you have been trying to get pregnant for more than a year without any results, it would be best to seek professional medical advice. Do things right from the get-go as you begin this exciting journey of parenthood. Dress and anxiety may be common in this situation, but something to work your way through as you prepare to birth and raise a child with the love of your life.



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