35 Best Fun Indoor Games for Kids


Kids love games a lot. Injuries are very common when they play outdoor. If you want avoid unnecessary injuries to your kids, then indoor games is the best option.

What are indoor games?

These games can be played inside the house premises on some days and is great in having a good family time. Here are a few interesting games to try out with the little ones.

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35 Super Fun Indoor Games for Kids

I Spy 

Age 2-4. The person can start by picking an object within near view, not mentioning the object and say “ I spy something blue” for example and the children have to guess the correct object. The one to guess first will win.


Balance Beam 

Age 2-4. Get some masking tape and tape down lines of any length, patterns, spirals etc. and ask the children to walk on the lines.


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Touch and Feel 

Interesting things are put inside a box and the child has to identify those by only touching them and getting help with clues.


Different objects are to be kept inside a box and the child has to differentiate between them and put them in separate boxes based on the instructions given such as colour, size, texture etc.


The children can be given soap water and straws to create bubbles and have competitions of making the biggest bubble.

Keep The Balloon Up 

The children have to keep the balloon in the air and not fall on the ground. The one who can keep till the end will win.

Simon Says 

You have to say Simon says and make them do things for example Simon says touch your nose. If they don’t do it before the next task or do it on the task when you don’t mention Simon says, they are out.


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Scavenger Hunt 

In this game the child has to search for the list of objects you ask for, in the room.


Hide and Seek 

One has to count while others hide. The first one to get caught again counts and finds others.

Duck Duck Goose 

One has to be the goose and the others become ducks and sit in a circle. The goose goes around and chooses a new goose by tapping on the head and runs to sit in the place of the new goose before getting caught.

Animal Charades 

Different animal names are written on pieces of paper and each child has to choose one and enact the animal while the others have to guess it.


Obstacle Course 

Children need to jump over pillows, balance etc. and reach the final spot.

Musical Chairs 

The children have to move till the music plays and when it suddenly stops they have to sit on the chairs. The one who doesn’t get a chair is out.

Rock Paper Scissors 

This is a simple hand game with certain basic rules to play.


One kid will whisper a sentence and it has to continue each time with a new addition to it.

Primary school kids whispering words to each other while playing telephone game in classroom after lessons
Primary school kids whispering words to each other while playing telephone game in classroom after lessons


The children have to take turns to knock out three marbles out of the ring using a big marble.

Domino Toppling 

In this game the children set up the dominoes in a line and tip them over.


Two Truths and A Lie 

Each child writes two truths about him and a lie and the others have to guess which is the lie.

Twenty Questions 

In this game one child has to think of an object and the other has 20 questions to guess what it is.

Stock Wars 

The children make two groups and built their fort using pillows, cardboard boxes. The opposite team has to throw ball at the other team. If it hits a member of the other team then they win.

Snakes and Ladders 

Its a board game with maximum of 4 players. Each gets a turn to reach from 0 to 100 crossing snakes and using ladders in the picture. If they get on the face of the snake they automatically slide down.

Snakes and Ladders 


One person has to enact the word, scene or phrase and the others have to guess it.


Magical Mama 

Put a coin under one of the three cups and shuffle them. Let each one guess which cup has the coin.


Let the children arrange puzzles to make pictures.



The children have to dance with the music. When it stops they have to freeze in whichever position they were dancing. If anyone moves he is out.


The children will divide into groups and will be given props with which they have to perform skits.

Indoor Hopscotch 

The children can be made to play this popular game even inside by drawing boxes on the ground.


Treasure Hunt 

Make clues and hide them in various places to help children find the big treasure hidden.

Treasure Hunt 

Hot Potato

The children sit in a circle and pass a ball. When the music stops the one holding the ball is out. This continues till there is one winner.

Listening Game

In this game the children have to identify the item by listening to it’s sound.

Indoor Basketball 

Children can play this out door game even inside. The one to successfully throw the ball from the farthest distance wins.

Indoor Bowling 

This is played with empty water bottles, plastic cups, and a ball.


Indoor Bowling


Another of the classic game for both kids and adults alike.


In this game one has to enact a word or phrase while others have to guess it.


A dice game to roll and move your favourite piece to buy property, pay bills, collect money and reach the top.


An intellectual game in which one has to protect the ming and queen till the last.


Create words using different lettered tiles. Complete your pile of letters first and win.


Tick Tack Toe 

Two players choose a symbol X and O. The one who succeeds in placing three of their marks in horizontal, vertical or diagonal row wins.

Tick Tack Toe

Dice Chess 

It’s a chess variant in which dice are used to alter gameplay by rolling a pair of dice.

Dots and Boxes 

It has a paper with dots. Each player takes turns to join the dots with a single horizontal or vertical line. The player to end it gets an extra point.


This is a card game in which two players fight to win all cards of the opponent.


This is a paper pencil guessing game for two or more players. A player thinks of a word or phrase and the others try to guess it by suggesting letters or numbers within a certain number of guesses.



In this game one has to draw the beetle in parts. The parts are numbered and one has to throw dice to determine the numbered part to draw.


In this game each player takes turns to throw the dice and after a limited number of turns the one with the highest score, wins.


It involves diagonal moves and mandatory captures by jumping over opponent pieces.


In this game there are various small dices and each player takes turns to strike at the dices. The one with most of them will win after adding up the values.



The kids take turn to throw darts on the board with numbers. Each get five turns and the one with the highest score wins.


DIY Laser Maze

In this game tapes can be used to make various kinds of duplicate Laser beams and the children will have to pass through them.

Paper Crafts

The children can indulge in a variety of craft work or drawing such as making paper plate fishes, hats etc.

Paper Crafts

Pencil Fight

In this game each child uses his pencil to throw the opponents pencil out of the circle using one move at a time.