15 Foods that Causes Infant Constipation


New mothers are often unaware of foods that cause constipation in infants. Although most of the kids suffer from constipation in the first five years, you can reduce their suffering to some extent by providing them with the right kind of food. It often happens, that the food you have known to be nutritious also constipates your child. Therefore, it is necessary to keep a check on these items. Here is a list of fifteen foods that cause constipation in children.

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Foods Causing Infant Constipation

Milk protein

One of the most common foods that causes infant constipationis milk proteins. They often grow an allergy towards the protein present in breast milk.  If you completely breastfeed your child during the early years, a high possibility exists that he will suffer from constipation.

Rice cereal

Rice is a grain-based food, which can cause constipation in your kids. However, not all kids suffer from constipation. If you find that your child is suffering from constipation, have a word with the doctor for alternative meals.

Formula food

Most of the babies are provided with formula food during their early days. This can cause constipation, as the ingredients present in them are difficult to digest. This hardens the stool and causes constipation.

Cooked carrots

You might have heard that carrots are good for babies. Well, they are beneficial indeed, but in raw form or juice. Cooked carrots do not have the fiber present in raw carrot. It turns the stool hard, and causes constipation instead of curing it.


causes infant constipation

Unripe bananas

Bananas are recommended for children, but you should make sure that they are ripe. Unripe bananas cause constipation in children. You should buy ripe bananas for your kids and provide it to them, preferably in whole form.

Apple sauce

Your child may be fond of apple sauce, but you need to think twice before providing it to them. The pectin content in apple sauce causes the stool to harden. It is wise to avoid these foods that may cause constipation in the kids.


Yoghurt is one of the foods that doctors recommend for infants. However, it causesinfant constipation. Yoghurt has the ability to bind food together. It also contains low quantities of fibre. Do not give more than two servings of yoghurt to your kid per day.


Although cheese is a healthy option for children, excessive consumption of cheese may cause infant constipation. The fibre content in cheese is quite low, so make sure that you limit the quantity of cheese for your child.

White bread

You may be providing your child with white bread for breakfast regularly. However, it causes constipation in the kids. White bread contains too low fiber, which causes constipation. You can limit this food or switch over to an alternative.



Pasta is another food that may cause constipation in kids, if consumed in large quantities. Even if you give it to your kids, make sure that you prepare it once or twice a week. The low fibre content in pasta is responsible for constipation in kids.

Fried food

Fried food causes constipation in kids. When they consume these foods, some intestinal hormones are released. The high content of fat in these foods stimulates the release of these hormones. It slows down the process of digestion, causing constipation.


Potato may be a favourite for your child, particularly in fried or boiled form. However, you should remember that it causes constipation in infants. Provide your child with low quantities of potato.


Soda contains a high quantity of sugar. It causes constipation in kids. If you want to give soda to your kids, complement it with other foods that neutralize the effect.


Children are fond of cookies. However, it is one of the constipation-causing foods. You should cut down these foods, especially if they are rich in sugar. Limit the quantity to a few cookies per week.


Well, you may find that your child is too fond of candies, but you should not encourage them. Candies, too, contain large amounts of sugar, which can cause constipation in infants. Make sure that you do not provide too much of this food to your kids.


Most of these foods contain high amounts of nutrients. You may look out for alternatives to prevent your child from getting constipated. Seek advice from the doctor if your child suffers from constipation.

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