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21 First Words to Teach Your Infant When they Start Talking


Babies come into the world with a prodigious ability to learn to speak their own language. As a child grows he learns everything about the world around him. Some things he learns because we teach them and others, such as walking, he learns by instinct or intuition.

Not all children start walking at the same age and not all children start talking at the same time, so in principle, we should not be obsessed with the moment when our baby starts talking. The first words are usually mom and dad and after these two come all the others.

First words to teach your infant

Mostly, children learn to talk during their first two years of life. Your baby will start using his tongue, lips, palate, and teeth that come out to make sounds. And very soon those sounds become real words.

From that moment your baby will learn more words from you, from your partner and from anyone who is in contact with him. And between the first and second year, will begin to form sentences of two or three words.

Infant Words: First Words and Teaching Activities

First Words to Teach Your Infant

Below are 21 First words to teach your infant when they start talking


Dad and mom

Dad and mom are the people who make up their world, so it is normal that they are the first words to come out of your mouth.

Names of the siblings

After dad and mom, the names of his siblings should be taught to them. Siblings are the ones to spend most of the time and play around with them. So he should learn to call them.

Cooking words

The words related to cooking, eating and hunger are also words that children learn and assimilate quickly. Because they are easy, they are in their day to day and the adults focus a lot of our attention on these. The most commons are Milk, Feeding bottle, Water, Glass, Spoon, Potato, Bread etc.

Hello and goodbye

Hello, and Goodbye are two of your favourite words because they know perfectly how to use them and at the right time and they feel happy when we congratulate them if they use them well.


Kids hate so many things. And to express them, they must know to say NO. The children know the meaning of this word and they use it with ease at two years old and is easy to get them learn.


Just like a No, the word Yes plays an equally important role and the infant must learn this. Your child must be able to express and say “Yes!” when you ask if they want to go to the park or if they want to eat something.


Good and bad

The children at two years old begin to understand what is right and what is wrong, and with this knowledge, they incorporate two new words: good and bad.


Dogs fascinate them and it is one of the most common animal in any environment, which is why it is one of the common words that children at this age dominate.


Children are fascinated by cars: they travel in them and play with them. This word is very common for most two-year-olds and they should learn it.

Nose, Eye, and Mouth

Identifying the features of the face is one of the things that they learn before, and often they get confused! These words are therefore their favorite.

Please and thank you

Two of the words that we parents emphasize the most is that we want the children to be grateful and educated children.

Story, Ball, and Bike

The leisure, the park, the little friends with them share hours of fun and that is why these words should be common in their vocabulary.


Boys and Girls

The boys and girls often surround them in their day to day life, that is why these words are the most used by the little ones.

Speaking will be much more fun for your child when it becomes a game. When you are in any place, try to play to discover things.  Point out all kinds of objects and ask your child to say the correct name.

Speaking is directly linked to listening. By listening to others talk, your baby learns how words sound and how phrases are structured. So always be aware that your baby is in good surrounding and away from bad environment and words. Because once he learns something bad from someone, it becomes hard to get rid of it and also it becomes a matter of embarrassment in from of everyone.