5 Unforgettable First-Time Baby Moments to Capture


Thousands of babies are born each day. According to data, around 385,000 babies are born each day. And luckily, you either have or are about to have one. 

It’s a baby’s first world. It’s also your first time photographing a baby and maybe your first time holding one. 

But with some preparation and patience, you’ll be able to capture the cutest moments from their first few months of life. Here are some shots you should try to get during that special time in your infant’s life.

first time baby moments to capture

The First Time Baby Sees Mommy or Daddy Up Close

Babies are curious about the people they know, so they will be very interested in you when you show yourself to your baby for the first time. This means that babies will look at you, smile, and even reach out to touch you. It’s an excellent moment for parents because your baby recognizes who you are!

Babies have an amazing sense of humor, and they love laughing! They also find funny noises hilarious. According to the Early Humor Survey that studied humor among infants between 1 and 47 months, babies laugh easily and do it every two to three hours. In fact, they can produce humor at the same rate. So if you make a silly face or laugh at something funny, your little one will laugh along with you too.


However, this is a moment you will want to cherish with both hands. You will likely want to hold your child with both hands and play with him or her. In that case, you can hire a professional photographer.

While looking for a photographer, ensure choosing someone local who can come over quickly. If you live in and give birth to a child in Washington, DC, it is best to choose a photographer from DC. There’s no point waiting for the photographer to travel far across to you and then click the images. 

Hence, hire a newborn photographer in DC so that you can enjoy and get captured in the frame with the first expressions. However, this does not mean selecting anyone. Go for a professional who has won multiple baby photography awards in Washington, DC, or your locality. This will ensure the photographer has the right skills.

Mommy and Baby’s First Breastfeeding Session Together

Breastfeeding is an experience you will cherish for years to come. It’s one of the first ways you and your baby connect as mother and child. That bond will continue to grow after the breastfeeding session.

You can take a camera when you are about to breastfeed him or her for the first time. Click amazing pictures, or you can also go with recording the session. This can remain a lifetime memory for you and your child.

Here are some tips on how to make sure you get started with breastfeeding in the best possible way:

  • Get help from experts if needed. If you’re struggling with breastfeeding or want more information about how to breastfeed, contact lactation consultants or other health professionals helping new mothers breastfeed their babies. You can also check out local support groups. They may be able to offer guidance while making friends simultaneously!
  • Ensure the baby gets enough milk during feedings by weighing them regularly until they start gaining weight at an appropriate rate.

Breastfeeding is vital. However, many mothers don’t breastfeed for enough time. According to data, 4% of mothers stop breastfeeding after only one week, 14% stop after 2 months, and between 10% to 32% never start it. This can pose severe health problems for your child as infants rely on their mother’s milk for nutrition.

Giggles, Laughs, and Chuckles

Baby’s first laugh, giggle, chuckle, and belly laugh is a moment you will cherish forever. But what are the best ways to capture it?

A popular choice is to record it on video with your phone. The sound quality may not be excellent, but it can help you remember that special moment once they become adults who don’t want anything to do with their parents anymore or are just too busy.

If you want better-quality sound, consider using an audio recorder or even an actual camera with a microphone connected directly to the device. After recording, you can keep it to yourself or share it with your friends and family over social media. 

Almost everyone uses social media. According to Statista, 82% of the US population uses social media. Hence, you can use these platforms to share your love and happiness with others.

First Encounters With Family Members

When your baby is first born, you can expect to be overwhelmed with joy and excitement. But that doesn’t mean you should forget to capture all those moments together as a family. Take photos of the first encounters between your baby and family members at the hospital or in your home. These photos will be priceless keepsakes for years to come!


First Encounters With Family Members:

  • The First Time Your Baby Smiles at Grandma/Grandpa: This one is simple. All you have to do is let grandma hold the baby while he smiles at her! Then photograph away!
  • First Meeting With Cousin/Aunt/Uncle: Maybe your cousin lives across the country from you, but she’s coming into town soon for a visit! Ask her if she wants to meet up at brunch one morning to get an up-close look at her new cousin’s adorable face. That way, when people ask about it later on down the line, they’ll know exactly what went down!

Crawling Sessions

Crawling sessions are a great opportunity to capture your baby’s first time crawling to different places. For example, they’ll never forget their first time crawling into the kitchen! Just wait until you see how excited they get when they realize they can get a snack whenever they want!

You can also use these moments as opportunities for action shots of your baby crawling around with whatever toys or food you have lying around. This will help them remember what it was like at this age and give them something fun to look back on later in life.

Moreover, crawling is also essential for your child’s development. Studies show that crawling can help with risk perception. The study published in Infancy monitored the fall rate of infants in water. It concluded that babies with more experience in crawling fell less.


We hope these ideas help you to create some memorable first-time baby moments. It’s so exciting to be a parent, and it can be stressful too! But with these tips, you’ll have the perfect images of your baby growing up right before your eyes.