Can an ultrasound say if the baby is black or white?


    No. Ultrasound images are created by sending out sound waves that are too high for us to hear and receiving the echoes as the sound bounces off the structure being imaged. The computer then interprets the returning echoes and produces a picture. Since different colors all have the same echo pattern, the machine can’t “see” color and will display the images as black-and-white.

    2D ultrasounds are flat looking images in black and white that show rather outlines of your baby, and the skin appears to be transparent. The 2D scan is useful for looking at the internal organs. 3D/4D scan images, however, are formed of multiple flat images of different sections. These images are then converted into a 3D picture, where the skin is opaque and in colour. This enables you to see the baby’s external features from different angles: her shape, her face and other details at skin level.