Are Stretch Marks During Pregnancy Hereditary?


    Yes, there is a genetic link between your stretch marks and heredity. So if your mother or grandmother had them, you are more likely to get them too in life. You’re not alone here; over 90% of women will get stretch marks towards the end of pregnancy. However, we can do our best to overcome our genes whether by eating right food or the best possible products outside to keep your skin strong, healthy and properly moisturized. Stretch marks are caused by a combination of factors let them be elevated hormonal changes in the body and stretching of the skin as a result of extreme weight loss* or weight gain. This is the reason why 90 per cent of pregnant women get stretch marks after pregnancy. Hormonal changes while the onset of pregnancy also makes stretch marks a common concern among women.

    A person’s genes play an important role in determining the factor for developing stretch marks. So, if females in your past generation have them, you will most likely develop stretch marks.

    Technically, women do not inherit stretch marks. Rather, you develop them as your body grows. What you actually inherit are your mothers’ and fathers’ characteristics such as your skin type, the risks of obesity, and conditions that can affect your hormones.

    Stretch marks are those tiny tears in the supporting layers of tissue under your skin as it stretches to the limit during pregnancy. Whether or not you get them, it has a lot to do with genetics. Rapid pregnancy weight gain can also make you more prone to getting these. Women with darker-skin tone are less likely to have stretch marks than those who have fair-skin.

    There is absolutely nothing you can do to prevent them. It depends on your weight fluctuations. If the weight changes gradually you won’t get them.

    It’s also worth knowing that just because you might have got stretch marks during your first pregnancy, doesn’t always mean you’ll get them in your second pregnancy too, or vice-versa! Sadly, there aren’t many rules as to sure them. You can just prevent them by a healthy lifestyle.