Why do Babies Get Hiccups in the Womb?


    Baby hiccups in the womb are those movements which your baby’s diaphragm is making when they are beginning to try breathing. As while trying the baby inhales amniotic fluid and it enters their lungs which cause the developing diaphragm to contract and results in those little hiccups in uterus.

    Baby’s ability to inhale and exhale the amniotic fluid which results is hiccups is actually a good sign that their diaphragm is developing properly. This process actually begins around week 10, though you probably won’t be able to actually feel fetal hiccups for a few more months

    fetal hiccups is also an indication of the activation of the nerve that controls the diaphragm. They help in confirming that the brain and spinal cord are developing properly and doing their job. Foetal hiccups mean that your baby is becoming neurologically developed enough to live outside the womb.

    Some babies get the hiccups many times a day. Others may not get them at all in the whole day. Foetal hiccups play a major role in lung maturation of the baby. The good news is that in most cases, this reflexes are normal and just a  part of pregnancy.

    But it’s important to note that foetal hiccups are considered a good sign after week 32. It’s less common to feel fetal hiccups every day. You may want to contact your doctor if your baby gets hiccup daily which last over 15 minutes or they gets it several times a day.

    Hiccups are just a normal reflex. It’s suggested that if they’re frequent and persistent in late pregnancy, they can also be a sign of a cord problem.

    Umbilical cord compression or call it a prolapse, where the blood and oxygen supply slows down or is cut off from the foetus, typically happens during the last weeks of pregnancy or during childbirth.

    If you feel any change in your baby’s hiccups after 28 weeks like if they gets stronger or stays for longer than usual you may need to contact your doctor. They can examine you and find out if there’s an problem.

    foetal hiccups are just a normal reflex. They’re a part of your pregnancy. Your baby is just developing and preparing itself for coming into the world. If your baby’s hiccups are frequent than usual, contact your doctor.