When will you ovulate again after miscarriage?


    Women often tend to have feelings of sadness, anxiety and guilt after a miscarriage. But it is as common as 10-20% among women who know they are pregnant to experience a miscarriage. There is nothing  alarming about   miscarriages, unless, of course, you are having it again and again. If you had a miscarriage, rest assured that you will ovulate again. There may even be a period after miscarriage when you may become highly fertile. Normally, you can become pregnant again and also carry the baby to its full term, unless you have some inherent problem.However, some doctors would recommend that women have at least one menstrual cycle before attempting another pregnancy.

    Ovulation normally occurs two to four weeks after a miscarriage. You may also have your menstrual bleeding after about 2 weeks of ovulation. Thereafter, the process becomes normal once again. You can start calculating your ovulation if your period is regular. However, it is difficult to estimate your ovulation time if your periods are irregular. In that case you have to depend on the symptoms of ovulation such as stretching the cervical mucus with  your fingers.

    If you are ovulating this mucus will look like the white of an egg and will stretch. You may also have a lower abdominal pain, an enhanced attraction to men, slightly increased body temperature etc. Whatever it is, it is certain that your fertility is not at all diminished due to miscarriage. You are going to ovulate normally after a miscarriage. However, most of the time, women are so depressed that it affects their fertility. It is time to get yourself ready, both physically and emotionally, to become pregnant once again. You will start ovulating normally after a miscarriage.”