109 Evil, Vampire And Demon Baby Names For Your Little Monster


Not everyone has the same mindset. Some people are interested in naming kids after their favorite villains and demons instead of naming the child with an angelic or Greek god names. So without further ado, here are 101 best evil names.


109 Evil, Devil and Vampire Names

Name Meaning
Aamon Seventh spirit of Goetia
Zagan one of the fallen angels
Orusula Costa Rican demon who appears in the form of a humongoues pig
Jilaiya Blood sucking demon belonging to India
Abaddon ruination and destruction
Ahriman God of death, darkness and destruction
Morfran Great crow in Welsh mythology
Apep to slither
Baal-Berith Canaanite Lord of Covenant
Addanc lake monster slain by King Arthur
Asmodeus Devil of luxury and sensuality
Demogorgon grim
Chernobog black dog
Seth the one who dazzles
Satan adversary
Samael the grim reaper
Ravana man with ten heads
Abigor ruler of 60 legions of hell
Diabolos slanderer or accuser
Azazel scapegoat or total removal
Aym A Grand Duke of Hell
Belial The Prince of Trickery
Banshee Wailing Irish female ghost
Caym The Grand President of Hell
Cresil The demon of laziness and impurity
Unmai a demon lives in the post in front of houses and causes people to be injured with thorns
Leviathan the demon on envy who is supposed to have seduced Adam and Eve
Nimue temptress
Hecate worker from far off
Lezabel chaste and intact
Lamia large shark
Lilith of the night
Pandora all gift
Mara female wraith of the Scandinavanian folklore
Succubus female counterpart of the male demon Incubus
Qarinah they are hell’s recruiters on the mortal realm
Ardat Lili Young female spirit that attacks pregnant women and children
Empusa demonic female with one leg of a donkey and the other leg of brass
Gorgon terrible
Lamashtu demon associated with the death of newborns and unborn
Lilitu one of the demon triad formed by Lilu
Yuki Onna the demon who lures young men
Jezebeth demon of falsehoods
Kasdeya referred to as the fifth Satan
Prosperine Princess of Hell
Kok-Lir succubus demon from Borneo
Eblis The Persian version of Satan meaning despair
Elathan A Celtic lord of Darkness
Er Mo Szechuan King of Demons
Grand Bois A demon from Haiti whose name means big woods
Hantu Kopek A female nightmare demon
Ibwa A demon from the Phillipines who feeds on dead bodies
Orpheus darkness of the night
Nicholas victory of the people
Malcolm a devotee of St. Columbia
Draven hunter
Alessandro defender of mankind
Vlad the root of several vampire legends
Dracula The name Dracula means “son of Dracul.” In the Romanian language today, dracul means “the devil”—drac is “devil,” ul is “the”—but it is derived from the Latin dracō, “dragon.”
Abchanchu legendary Bolivian vampire
Spike One of the most vicious vamps of the show “Buffy the Vampire”
Alaric noble leader
Bella lovely one
Elizabeth countess Elizabeth Bathory of Hungary
Sekhmet blood sucking Egyptian demon
Ambrosia food of the gods
Bronwen dark and beautiful
Astrid divinely beautiful
Zurie white and lovely
Elena Character form television series ‘Vampire Diaries’
Sonja Norwegian form of Sophia
Layle night or dark beauty
Irvene Demon dog who lives on the Canary Islands
Jahi Persian female demon
Karau A demon from Panama who causes death in the world
Kobal demon king of humor
Lima demon worshipped in Haiti
Mammon The demon of Avarice
Mastema the leader of the offspring of fallen angels
Merihim The prince of Pestilence known to cause panic and widespread disease
Moloch A demon from Judaism
Mush a demon of darkness from Iran
Naburus a marquis of Hell who has connections to Cerberus
Nybras a demon who makes evil appear good
Nyx goddess of the night
Orias A Marquis of Hell
Oroan Guyanan demon of eclipses
Orusula a giant demon pig that spreads minor diseases
Paymon the master of Ceremonies in Hell
Pitkis baltic demon of the night
Pyro the prince of falsehood, spreads deception
Palden Lhamo a guardian goddess Tibet
Qanel Guatemelan demon
Raum a count of hell who commands thirty legions of demons
Rimmon also known as Damas, a fallen angel who became a demon
Ronwe commands nineteen legions of devils in Hell
Satanael believed to be an evil first son of God by the Bogomils
Semiazas the lord of the fallen angels
Shabriri a demon who made people go blind
Sonneilon the demon of hate and anger
Succubi a mythological spirit of the forests
Thamuz an ambassador of hell
Troian Baltic demon of the night
Uphir the head demon physician
Valafar a grand duke of hell
Verin the demon of impatience
Vetis a demon of hell who corrupts and tempts the holy
Vritra enemy of the Hindu god Indra
Mephistopheles described as a worker for Lucifer