11 Effective Foods for a Sick Infant (below 1 year)


So, your child is sick and you do not know what you can safely feed her? It is important that you give your ailing child good food to help her beat the infection. Listed below are 11 effective foods that not only give your child the strength to fight an infection as well as boost her immunity. Read on for more!

Infants under one year of age are prone to different ailments, right from fever to vomiting and from coughs to upset stomachs. These are worrying times for parents, as they cannot provide the regular foods for remedies, taking the age into consideration. It is necessary to consult with the pediatric during this time. In general, you can provide certain foods to sick children, below one year of age. Here are eleven such foods that can be provided to your child, depending on the nature of illness.

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Effective Foods for a Sick Infant


Soups are good for children they find it easy to swallow and digest the food in liquid form. Different types of soups with vegetables as ingredients should be given to kids suffering from any sort of ailment. Dilute it as much as possible to make it easy for the child to digest it. This is an effective remedy during sore throats.


Cereals contain good amounts of mineral and vitamins. Foods like oats, rice and barley are light and can provide your kids with the energy lost during sickness. This is most effective during fever or diarrhoea. You can blend an instant formula like milk with cereals and feed it to your kids.


When you give fruits to your child, make sure that it does not produce gas. Bananas, strawberries and grapes are ideal for them, as they do not aggravate the upset stomach. They also contain substantial amounts of vitamins and minerals, which can heal the health of your child.sick infant food



You can make various preparations using vegetables like beans, potatoes and peas. These take care of the overall health of your child, besides providing them with the required energy level. You can also chop these vegetables and drop them in the soup.


Another healthy option for your sick child is yoghurt smoothies. You can provide them with a yoghurt solution, with equal proportions of yoghurt and fruit juice. You can also mix almond milk and soy yoghurt to the child when he suffers from an illness. You can also flavour yoghurt with oranges and grapes.

Fibre based foods

Constipation is a common problem for kids. During this time, you need to provide him with more fibre-based foods. It helps in the bowel movements. Carrots, apples and orange juices are good for your kids and you should provide them with enough solutions of these fruits and vegetables.

Tomato Rasam

This is a common food that parents feed their child when they are suffering from ailments such as fever or diarrhoea. This rasam is easy to make. All you need to do is heat some oil in a wok, put cumin seeds, garlic and peppercorns to it. Add water and tomatoes to it and boil it for around ten minutes. Cool it down and mash it up well. You can feed it as a soup or along with some soft rice.

Rice gruel

You need to roast two spoons of rice on a light flame and allow it to cool down. Prepare a powder by grinding this rice. Now boil it in water and add a bit of salt to it. You can feed it to your child individually as a preparation of rice or as a porridge.

Cool drinks

During upset stomach or fever, children become dehydrated and you need to provide them with different solutions and cool drinks. Drop chopped bananas, mangoes and pineapples in yoghurt and pour boiled water with it. It will act as a good solution to boost up the fluid levels in the child’s body.



A light porridge can be helpful in providing energy to sick children. Prepare the porridge with cereals, chopped garlic, turmeric and 3 cups of water. It will serve as a staple food for the lunch. Porridge allows the fluids to get into your child’s body and provides them with energy.

Salad using boiled potatoes

Children often get tired of having gruels and porridges during illness. You can spice up their taste by providing them with boiled potato salads. Add salt and lemon juice if it suits your child. It will break the monotony of restricted diets. These are best for breakfasts or light meals.

You will find the list beneficial when you plan the food for your ailing child. Have a word with the doctor and get these recommended before feeding to them. Keep your child healthy and comfortable with these items during illness.