Conjunctivitis During Pregnancy: 15 Natural Remedies You Must Know About


Some of the natural home remedies for treating conjunctivitis during pregnancy includes Tulsi, green tea, turmeric, neem oil, aloe vera, marigold, parsley, etc,

Suffering from Pinkeye? Conjunctivitis is an infection (eye) where reddening or inflammation of mucous tissue is observed. Typical symptoms are itchiness and swelling of the eyes when you are being confronted with this eye mishap. It could also emerge due to some form of allergic reaction like dust mites or pollens establishing contact with your eyes. If it materializes from an allergic, then thick coating of the eye lashes are also observed.

Conjunctivitis does clear on its own within a week. If an infection is the cause of it doctor may recommend eye drops (antibiotics) or if allergies are the reason behind it, then anti-allergic medicines are recommended. But if you want to consider some natural based home remedies then you can resort to the above methods.

15 Natural Remedies for Conjunctivitis During Pregnancy

1} Tulsi

Holy Basil is another name of Tulsi is renowned for its healing abilities. The soothing and anti-inflammatoryproperties of it protect the eye from free radicals along with environmental damage. It is blessed with the ability to fight fungal, bacterial and viral infections. Ideally tulsi needs to be soaked for 10 minutes in boiled water. The water could be used as a warm compress.

2} Green tea

Green tea is incorporated with bioflavonoids that reduces inflammation and irritation caused by conjunctivitis. In boiled water dip in a tea bag and then keep it on the eye till it is cool to be touched. A warm compress with a cloth can be made by preparing green tea.

3} Turmeric

Empowered with healing properties, inflammation is subsidized. When it is used topically because of antibacterial properties, it can reduce symptoms of conjunctivitis. To a boiled cup of water add in a couple of teaspoons of turmeric powder. Then soak a cotton pad and is ready to be used as warm compress.


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Conjunctivitis during pregnancy


4} Neem oil

With gentle and soothing properties it repairs the damaged skin. The antibacterial and anti-microbial properties, removes the symptoms associated with pink eye. For effective results, neem oil should be applied on the eyelids or eye before going to bed.

5} Aloe Vera Gel.

The benefits of aloe Vera are that it speeds up the healing process and reduces inflammation. Once pink eye is diagnosed, apply aloe vera gel around the eye lids and the eye. It is blessed with anti-viral along with anti-bacterial properties.

6} Breast milk

Breast milk is famous for its nutritional properties. But if you take the nutrition aspect away, breast milk is being used to cure eye infections. On the basis of evidence available the bacteria that caused conjunctivitis is not likely to be effective to cure this infection.


7} Colloidal silver

The major benefit of colloidal silver is prompt action against pink eye. When you apply it on the eyes, the small colloidal (silver) combats infested cells electrically and then moves them into the blood stream to be removed. It can go on to treat any form of infection as well.


8} Euphrasia

To treat conjunctivitis euphrasia could be applied on your eyes. It is blessed with anti-inflammatory and astringent properties. As per a study of euphrasia (eye drops) confirmed that 82 % showed complete improvement and close to 17 % experienced partial improvement to treat conjunctivitis.

9} Gingko Biloba

Used to treat a variety of conditions. There is a tinge of evidence that it could work its magic in treating conjunctivitis. Research substantiates that you are provided with eye drops of Gingko Biloba it shows considerable reduction in symptoms of redness and swelling.

10} Chamoline

Has a reputation of a soothing eye cleaner that keeps conjunctivitis at bay. Antimicrobial coupled with anti-inflammatory properties contribute to healing powers. Before usage check out whether you are not allergic to chamoline as some people have reported of being sensitive to it.

11} Honey

Conjunctivitis caused by infection can be removed by applying honey. It waves its magic in reducing swelling, redness and discharge emerging from the eyes till bacterial infections wind up. It is a rich source of anti-bacterial chattels.
To conclude, conjunctivitis is contagious and care should be exercised that the infection does not spread. It would mean to the other eye or people around you. During the day wash your hands after you wipe your eyes. Since the core symptom is itchiness, a majority of the time the hand is near the eyes. It is common to wipe the eye and with the same hand touch some other object. This is a disaster waiting to happen as far as bacterial or viral infection evolves.

12} Babul

Ground the leaves of Babul tree to a paste and apply it on the affected eyes at night. Support it with bandage which should be untied the next morning. This removes pain and redness.

13} Coriander

Coriander leaves are stimulant and tonic. A decoction prepared from freshly dried coriander is an excellent eye-wash in conjunctivitis. It relieves burning and reduces pain and swelling.


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14} Marigold

Marigold is a bitter tonic. It induces copious perspiration and is useful in killing intestinal worms. A cold infusion of the herb, used as an eyewash, gives relief in conjunctivitis. A lotion of the flower is also a useful wash for inflames and sore eyes. (Herbs that Heal, H.K. Bakhru)

15} Parsley

Parsley is rich in ascorbic acid and hence a good blood cleanser. Raw Parsley juice, mixed with carrot juice, is effective in all ailments connected to the eyes and the optic nerve. It is good for weak eyes, cataract and conjunctivitis.