11 Do’s and Don’ts for Caring During Orthodontic Treatment for Your Child


It has been found that children at the age of 7-11 years mainly need an orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic treatment involves proper alignment of the teeth. They include braces, aligners and retainers. Orthodontist also suggest an early treatment as at that age it is easy to re-align the teeth rather than later. Hence if you are planning to take an orthodontic treatment for your child, there are some things you should know.

Why orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic treatment may be needed if your child’s teeth are crooked or they have an over jaw, under jaw, crowed teeth, superimposed teeth etc. In such cases orthodontic treatment are suggested. Yes they may pain a bit, but they work very effectively at this age. While going through orthodontic treatment taking proper care is very necessary.

Why are teeth crooked


the alignment and the pattern of the teeth may be similar to someone in family.

Irregular falling of temporary teeth

the temporary set of teeth, known as milk teeth falls in a particular pattern. And leave their place for permanent teen. Sometimes a tooth may fall earlier, leaving more space for the permanent tooth, it may occupy that space, and the tooth for which the space was created may appear crooked.

Chronic ear, nose and throat infection

chronic ear, nose throat infection may cause misalignment of the teeth.

Continue disturbance to the new teeth

whether permanent teeth is growing and the child continuously disturbs it with tongue or thumb then it may grow crooked.


Orthodontic Treatment: 11 Do’s and Don’ts 

11 dos and donts for orthodontic treatment in kids

Do clean your orthodontic application

Orthodontic applications include braces, aligners and retainer. Each of them is of different types. Some are removable while some are permanent. Keeping them clean is very important. The temporary ones are easier to clean, than the permanent ones. Taking care of braces is not easy. It is very important that you remove plaque and debris from the product. While cleaning braces, align your tooth brush at 45 degree and clean every wire, make sure that no debris is left behind. Removable products can be removed and cleaned properly with mouth wash or any prescribes product and then used back. It is important that your store your temporary product in their own box, it will reduce the chances of infection.

Maintaining proper hygiene

Maintaining proper oral hygiene is very important. Use a soft tooth brush to clean your teeth. Clean each and every tooth. It will be difficult to do so with braces on, but take your own time and clean them. If your child cannot do it properly then you do it for them. Clean teeth from inside as well as outside. If braces are there than circular motion of cleaning is preferred. It removes the debris stuck in the cracks.

Do rinse after every meal

Rinsing after every meal is very necessary. It is very important to rinse even after every snack, it will clean up any big debris.

Technique of brushing

While brushing a tooth brush of soft bristles should be used, as it will cause low discomfort. Brushing should be done in circular motions not in horizontal motions. Circulate motion removes debris from between the corners and the cracks. Be sure to clear all the plaque on your teeth


Flossing should be done minimum once a day. It will remove the derbies from the cracks. Watch technique for proper flossing or ask your doctor. Flossing with wrong technique gives no benefits.


Mouth wash

Using a mouth wash at least once a day is very important. Mouth wash clears all the debris and also keep the unreached corners clean.


While taking an orthodontic treatment some foods should be avoided but while avoiding those foods, is sure to take supplementary nutrients for those. It is great if you consult nutritionist for that. The main thing you should avoid is sugar loaded food. They attract the bacteria. Also hard sticky food is difficult to clean. Hence try to avoid that type of food.

Wear a mouth guard

While playing sports it is important that your child should wear a mouth guard. Otherwise, with the metallic application in the mouth the wounds may get more complicated.

Do regularly visit your doctor

Visits your orthodontist for a regular check up. He will check for the health of gums and presence of any infections. He will also see the application and its condition. Also he will be able to track the progress. Hence do not miss the visits.

Do not use damages products

If there is misplacement of a wire or string, immediately go to your doctor, do not use damages products, they are hazardous.

Avoiding some habits

Some children have habits like biting pen, sucking thumb or constantly disturbing their teeth with something. It is very important to avoid such habits as they invite more infections. Also it may cause damage to the orthodontic applications adding up to complications.


These were some points to take care while undergoing treatment. Remember a smile is invaluable. Use your smile to change the world; do not let the world change your smile!

Hope this article was of help for all our parents!! Please share your comments/queries/tips with us and help us create a world full of Happy and Healthy Babies!!