7 Best Apps and Gadgets For Couples Trying to Conceive


Technology has made our lives so much easier over the last two or three decades. Everything – be it banking, communication, building relationships, working for the office, promoting, advertising, grocery shopping, and birthday wishes- you have a quick and effective alternative in the internet world. When technology is making our lives easier in every sphere of our life, why should couples who are trying to conceive not take advantage of these resources available to them?


In today’s market, there are many apps and gadgets available for couples who are trying to conceive. Some of these charge no money at all, and the ones that do, the amount is much lesser than what it would cost for one appointment with a doctor. Self-reliance is always good. When you slowly start understanding your body and tracking its cycles, its needs, it gives you more confidence about parenthood too. Of course, for some specific instances, an app cannot be a replacement for an actual doctor’s appointment. For example, if you have a specific medical condition that requires blood tests or X-Rays for determining the best course of action, then a gynecologist or someone trained to handle reproductive health is the one you should go to.

However, the American Pregnancy Association has stated that if you use the apps and gadgets as you should, the effectiveness of your chances of conceiving could increase up to 90%! So let’s take a look at some of them.

7 Best Apps and Gadgets For Couples Trying to Conceive

Pink Pad App

Pink Pad is an app that is available for both Android and Apple phones. The most important factor to consider while conceiving is the physical and mental health of the mother. The Pink Pad App is a one-stop solution for anyone who is trying to conceive. There are features including the period tracker, ovulation charts, and customizable options for any unique symptoms you may have. It takes away the complicated nature of medical data and provides visual graphs and charts for everyone to understand. Other reasons why this app is a personal favorite are that it lets you sync your period calendar with your main calendar, and your partner’s calendar as well. Its “lite” version is freely available, but you need to purchase its “pro” version to unlock some additional features.

Fertility Friend

Another extension of the Fertilityfriend.com, this app is also available in free and paid versions at both apple and android stores on your phone. This app has precise color-coded graphs and charts to help you track your menstrual cycle and gives you information on which days it would be most appropriate to try to conceive. Helpful features about this app include a community-based information sharing forum, video tutorials, and ebooks. This is the app that began the entire trend of fertility apps, with over 6 million users over 15 years, so you can certainly trust it.



There aren’t many apps that enable the entry of men’s health data to track the chances of fertility, but Glow is one of them. Glow exists as a free option, and you can upgrade to a Pro version any time for availing of all its benefits. Glow customizes a woman’s period cycle predictions by tracking your period date data over time. It also has guided meditations because while conceiving, mental health is as important as physical health. Glow enables a man and a woman to link their data and projects a picture of their fertility chances as a couple, which is a great feature!


One of the favorites because it is completely free. Clue not only tracks your period cycle, but it also helps you to get an average idea about your skin, mood, emotions, sleep, sex, and cervical fluid throughout the month, and especially during periods. Clue gets better and better at predicting accurately as you keep using it longer. With most fertility apps, the more consistent you are in entering your data, the better the results will be.

Ava Bracelet

Although it is a little on the expensive side, the Ava bracelet is a great gadget to have while trying to conceive. The Ava bracelet is to be worn at night, and while you are sleeping it measures nine of your body parameters in total, which include pulse rate, skin temperature, sleeping hours, and heat loss. On waking up, the Ava bracelet gives you information about your chances of conceiving. By syncing it to your menstrual cycle calendar, the Ava bracelet claims to have around 89% accuracy in predicting the most fertile days of your cycle, which is an amazing and helpful thing!


As we have mentioned before, keeping steady mental health can go a long way in achieving your goal of conceiving a child. If your mind is anxious and under heavy stress, your heartbeat and your blood pressure will reflect that, which can cause difficulties in the process of getting pregnant. We often stress over our physical parameters and look for consultation regarding them while completely ignoring mental health. That is wrong. The app Expectful curates meditative processes, step by step instructions that can help you relax and have stable mental health- which will make this journey less stressful.

My Fertility Food

After you have made sure your physical health is being tracked well, you can also use the My Fertility Food app to know which foods you should and should not consume while trying to conceive. Food plays a major role in determining our metabolism, our weight, and our mood too. Hence make sure you are nourishing your body well.


The above being said, these apps are all meant to complement your journey in becoming a mother – they cannot replace an actual medical consultation and medical treatment. However most of them are accurate and free of cost- hence why not use them to make your journey smoother!