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49 Best Angel Names for Baby Girl


We often refer to babies as little angels, but why not name them with a name that denotes an angel. If you are having such a thought and looking for the best angel names for your baby girl, here are the best angel names for your baby girl.

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49 Beautiful Angel Names for Baby Girl with Meanings

Name Meaning
Agnola Angel
Agnolla Angel
Angel Heavenly messenger
Angela Messenger of God
Angele Messenger of God
Angelea Messenger of God
Angeletta Little angel
Angeli Messenger of God
Angelica Angelic
Angelie Messenger of God
Angeliki Messenger of God
Angelina Messenger of God
Angelique Messenger of God
Angelita Messenger of God
Angeliyah Ascending angel
Angelynn Messenger of God
Angie Messenger of God
Annchi Amazing peace
Archangel High-ranking angel
Archangelia High-ranking angel
Arella Messenger from God
Ariel Lion of God
Ariella Lion of God
Arielle Lion of God
Auriel Golden
Azriel God is my aid
Engelbertina Bright angel
Engelbertine Bright angel
Engla Angel
Erela Angel
Evangeline Good news
Evangelina Good news
Evangelyn Good news
Gabriella God is my strength
Gabrielle God is my strength
Makayla Who is like God?
Malak Messenger
Melangell Dear angel
Melek  Angel
Michaela Who resembles God?
Mikayla Who is like God?
Rafaela A variant spelling of Raphaela
Rafaelia God heals
Seraphim Angel
Seraphina Burning ones
Serissa Seraphim, angel
Tuyen Angel
Uriela God’s light
Xeraphina Seraphim, angel