Among Us Video Game: Everything Parents Need To Know


Children love video games such as among us. They are crazy about it as it takes one to a different and beautiful world of imagination. However, playing these every day irritates parents and they often wonder why did they buy the game in the first place anyway.

Among us is one such game which almost everyone has played once in their life. This is a family game, even the members of the family with their mobile phones can play it together. This is a safe game, to begin with, and parents should not be worried about this game.

What is Among Us?

Among us is a newly popular game which people prefer playing on their phones and laptops. It is a game where there will be a group of people with different names and one of them will be the imposter (murderer). The rest have to make a guess that who is the imposter. With this, there will be several tasks given which needs to be completed by every individual and if that happens before the imposter murders everyone then the opposite team wins. Also, if the player makes the right guess at the right time then they win.

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Things that parents need to know

Safe game

It is a safe game as there is no adultery exposure to it and neither anything bad to learn or to see. So, this is a safe game that can be played by the family as well.

No violence

Parents are often worried about their kids playing violent games and being aggressive towards them. But this game has no violence and is a healthy game that friends and family can play. If one is comfortable they can even make friends on it by playing with random people.


Good communication

The game is all about trust, manipulation, and communication. Suppose one is an imposter and he will try his level best to convince the group that he is not an imposter, now that too needs a lot of communication and manipulation.

Enrich in thinking ability

People will be wondering what is there to think in this game, but there are too many things to think about in this game, that is who can be the imposter, or else those who are not the imposters will be eliminated without having a fault of their own. So to guess the right one, one needs to think and use their instinct.


Among us is more like a mind game that helps the mind to practice decision making, and problem-solving. It is kind of a workout for the brain. One can become an amazing imposter just by playing safe. What to play, when to play, and how to play should be known. The imposter needs to be sharp enough to understand when to murder and whom to murder so that the rest of the players keep thinking and become totally confused about whom to trust. So it is a game for the imposter as well as for the rest of the players. One needs to be observant enough to understand.

Easy to play

It doesn’t require any special skill, or physical fitness it just needs an understanding of the game and the talent of knowing- what, when, and how. And this game is pretty easy because no need to teach any sort of moves rather one has to play just normally by using their mobile phones.

Understanding of the game

It’s important not just to play but to play right. One should not make any mistake or else they could lose it all. So, it is important to have a look at what you are playing for and how long you should continue. The game needs a proper strategy so that the one who is the imposter doesn’t die early. And also others need to understand that who is doing what and for how long, and guess correctly, or else those who did nothing will be eliminated.


Confidence is the key to every game especially the one which leads to being an imposter. Just to continue and win one needs to be confident enough that people don’t even get the chance to doubt them for once. One should be confident with their move as it will nervous the person in front which enables a high chance of the other person withdrawing.



Among us is a safe game for your kids to play. You and your family can also join them and spend Sunday afternoon playing together. However, do keep in mind that it is after all a video game and long exposure to electronic devices can be detrimental to your child’s health. So, let them enjoy the game, but on a time clock!