9 Amazing Health Benefits of Raw Milk


It seems like every day we learn of a miraculous drink or superfood which promises all-in-one health benefits, but sometimes we just need to scale down and go back to basics. Children often hate having milk but as parents, we often nudge them to have it regularly, but did you know it has so many nutritious elements for adults too?

We know that pasteurized milk is what is packaged and sold every day, but before the 1900s, for centuries people consumed raw milk and were perfectly healthy, some could say even healthier than we are today. With organic living gaining popularity again, people wonder about what benefits raw milk could have. Raw milk mainly comes from cows, goats, and even camels. They’re widely used for making cheeses and yogurt.

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9 benefits of raw milk

Helps in reducing and controlling blood pressure

There is no significant loss of Vitamin D and calcium in pasteurized milk, but there is some loss. One could argue that by consuming raw milk you get the purest form of nutrients. Both Vitamin D and calcium help in reducing blood pressure. The protein content (which is 80 % casein and 20% whey) in raw milk also helps in maintaining a regular blood pressure around 120/80. High blood pressure or hypertension makes one more prone to having heart attacks and strokes- which could be fatal. Consumption of raw milk every day could be a way of avoiding that.

Raw milk has a high content of beneficial bacteria

Beneficial bacteria are also known as probiotics and they help the human body in various different ways- from building up enzymes for digestion to keeping our immune system powerful. Raw milk is used to making yogurt, which is famous for its probiotic properties. Pasteurization or homogenization of milk can kill the good bacteria from the milk, but raw milk sustains these good bacteria.

Rich in Vitamins

Vitamins are essential for a healthy human body, and each vitamin group plays a unique key role in its own way. Raw milk is rich in vitamins, specifically vitamin A, vitamin K, and vitamin E. These levels reduce after pasteurization of milk. Vitamin K is important in blood clotting after an injury, and it helps to strengthen bones. Vitamin A as we all know is very important for our eyesight and the key to a good 20/20 vision. Vitamin E is great for hair health, helps in the proper functioning of the immune system, and also helps in fighting off infections due to its antioxidant properties. You will get all these benefits by consuming raw milk.


Raw milk is rich in food enzymes

After meals, enzymes enable our body to break down and process that food. This is what we know as gut bacteria. Raw milk is rich in these enzymes, namely lactase, lipase and phosphatase, which help in the process of your body absorbing all the nutrition from the food that they consume.

Strengthens bone and muscle strength

We all know that this is the most important function of milk, and therefore it is so heavily recommended for growing children who need enough calcium to develop a strong bone structure. Our bones hold our body strong, and raw milk is rich in calcium, the most important element for bone health and dental health. The calcium in raw milk is also consumed more easily than it is in pasteurized milk.

Helps in getting an even skin tone

Milk is actually one of the key ingredients in many cleansers and toners. The fatty and creamy richness of milk nourishes your skin from within. Milk is also great for skin lightening and imparting an even glow on your skin. All skin colours are beautiful, and milk makes you able to achieve a consistent shine on your natural colour. You can also mix milk with orange peel powder to take off tan from your skin.

Raw milk is rich in CLA

CLA is known as Conjugated Linoleic Acid which is a good fatty acid that helps your immune system to fight cancer- especially bone or breast cancer. Raw milk contains more amount of CLA than pasteurized milk.

Does not have any synthetic sugars

Pasteurized milk has added sugar and synthetics to keep it safe from going bad after reaching a high temperature and then cooling down. Synthetic sugar is harmful to our body and can lead to heart conditions, diabetes, and cholesterol. Raw milk does not contain any added sugars as it retains the wholesome goodness.

Exfoliating bath

Milk baths are extremely luxurious, but milk can be used as an exfoliator. The lactic acid content of raw milk helps in breaking down dead skin cells and gives us nourished skin. They also help us from worse skin conditions like eczema.


Side effects of raw milk

Sadly, most fears regarding the side effects of unpasteurized raw milk are true. Without pasteurization, the neutral pH balance of raw milk is a breeding ground from harmful bacteria. Contamination in the process of milking the animal to you, consuming it is also possible. A report on the scientific journal Food Control found how raw milk contains more bacteria than pasteurized milk.  If you are affected by these bacteria, you may experience nausea, diarrhea, abdominal pain, vomiting, and dehydration. Diary related outbreaks are often caused by the consumption of raw milk, which is why many countries even ban it.

Can it be consumed during pregnancy?

To be safe, no, you should not consume raw milk during pregnancy. During pregnancy, you should be extra careful about your health, and the risks of raw milk consumption aren’t worth it as it can lead to unwanted and serious health complications. Children and other immune-compromised people should avoid it too.