7 Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Fatty Fish


Starting from improving heart health to curing ADHD, fatty fish can contribute a lot to your children’s health. Fish oil is known to cure asthma in children and also is good for their eyes. Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acid and that has great anti-inflammatory properties to cure any damaged tissues and cells and helping your child to cure any sort of ailments. Fatty fish also helps in the cure of pain and depression amongst children.

Giving Fatty Fish to your Toddler

Fish is one of the harmless protein sources for your kids. Unlike poultry or meat, fish do not carry the baggage of adding to the level of cholesterol. That is the reason why fish can be introduced in your child’s menu from as early as 6 months of age or whenever he/she starts having solids.

Baked fish is a very healthy choice for your kids. Fish with vegetables is also another option. Shallow fried fish fillets will add flavor to their wee taste-buds. You can also add fish cakes into their snack menu. You can make a fabulous tuna pasta bake and make your child’s dinner interesting. Fish pie can also be an option. The bottom line is that the variety of fatty fish is huge and hence the choices are immense. So, there are no ways that your child will get bored of the same thing being served to him/her.

Health Benefits of Eating Fatty Fish

There are several health benefits that your child can enjoy, if fatty fish is regular fed to him/her.

Boost Heart Health

The omega-3 fatty acid found in fatty fish helps in the process of balancing the harmful impact of omega-6 fatty acid, consumed through other sources. That is the reason why regular consumption of fish protein is necessary for your child. Once he/she is exposed to the solid foods, you need to restore the balance in his/her diet. Meat, poultry and eggs have negative impact on your child’s heart. For that reason, healthy protein sources like fish is necessary for your child.

Cures Asthma

Due to the extreme impact of the pollutants in the environment, many children now suffer from early age asthma or bronchitis. This kind of disease can leave long term impact on your child’s tender lungs. However, the good news is that anti-inflammatory property of omega-3 can help your child recover from this kind of threatening attacks. Many children tend to develop acute or chronic asthma condition leaving them vulnerable to deadly asthma attacks. Fish oil can actually help them to recover fully from those kinds of impacts.


fatty fish

Helps in Recovering from Injury

Children are prone to injuries. Damage tissues are very common in early childhood. From harmless bruises to fatal limb fractures, children undergo a lot of pain and suffering. Though they eventually tend to withstand the pain, dietary supplements also help in the process. Omega-3 acid has anti-inflammatory properties and can help in curing damaged cells. Broken limbs or bruises will tend to heal faster when your child is regularly having omega-3 supplements like fish oil.

Helps in curing of Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

In the era of smart-phones and fidget spinners, attention deficit is a common problem faced by most children. However, ADHD is an acute problem and it might dangerously affect your little one. Omega-3 found in fish liver oil is known to cure ADHD by a great extent. They trigger certain hormones and control the brain functions of your child. They tend to become much calmer and more focused.

Good for the Eyes

Your child’s eyes are always exposed to the harmful rays coming from the smart-phones and other gadgets. This constant exposure might tend to dry some of the critical cells of the eyes. Drying of the blood vessels can damage eye-sight, permanently. This is indeed very harmful. For that reason fatty fish should be needed to be incorporated in the overall dietary plan. Omega-3, found in fish oil tends to boost the tiny blood vessels in your child’s eyes. This counters the harmful effect of the rays from the mobile phones and the gadgets.

Boosts Hair Growth

The lack of important nutrients sometimes hinders the growth of nails and hairs of your child. The anti-inflammatory property of omega-3 acid can actually come to use in such cases. Having a tremendous impact on the skin cells, this fatty acid can actually open up the follicles to promote hair growth. Similarly it makes sure that the nail cells are also not lacking any kind of proper nutrients to grow.

Other benefits:

Barring the seven benefits mentioned above, there are many other benefits which can be derived from fish oil. Fatty oil found in various fish can boost your child’s brain development and also memory. Children having fatty fish on a regular basis tend to be good in analytical skills.  It has tremendous impact on the overall skin health, too. The skin tends to be naturally glossy and free of any kind of dryness. Moreover, it also helps in the growth and development of the bone cells. Feeding your child with fatty fish will make sure that he or she will not suffer from any sort of bone fragility or arthritis in the future. Fish oil is also a good source of energy. Children consuming fish on a regular basis, hardly fall prey to fatigue and general lethargy. Overall fish oil has plenty of benefits and it hardly does any sort of real harm.



The major benefit of fish oil is that it does not come with a baggage. Most of the other omega-3 sources are found in the combination of omega-6 fatty acids. That actually makes the choices very dicey. Protein sources like meat, poultry and eggs all have similar problems. But on the other hand fish do not carry that weight. Fish oil is deemed harmless as the fat is harmless. However, some sea fish can trigger allergies in your child. Check with your physician before introducing them to your little one.