11 Parenting Tools you Can’t Do Without


Parenting is tough, no matter which age you live in or which country. And though parents have a tough time bringing up their kids, yet thanks to modern technological advances, parents of today have a slightly easier time than earlier generations by using some of the cool gadgets that have hit the market. Some parents might consider these products as frivolous and trashy, but others might see the good in them and depend on them to a great extent.

Here, we present 11 parenting tools that parents can’t do without. Take a read and see if you too would like to use any or all of them to bring up your kids.

Parenting Tools you Can’t Do Without11 Parenting Tools you Can’t Do Without

1. Wishbone Thermometer: Now, you don’t need to touch your child to take his temperature. This Wishbone thermometer needs to be plugged into the headphone jack of your Smartphone and it immediately reads your child’s temperature.

2. Oco Wi-Fi Video Monitoring Camera: As your child grows older, you won’t feel the need to keep an eye on him. But to give him that little bit of independence while enjoying some peace of mind, why not install the Oco Wi-Fi Video Monitoring Camera? This camera monitors their movements and activities in any part of the house that you may be in. It also keeps track of everything going on in your home when you’re away. It can also notify you when your kids return from school and lets you speak to anyone in the room. It’s useful for a parent in these trying times.

3. Boon GLO Nightlight with Portable Balls:If your kids find it difficult to go to bed without some attraction or game, this one will swing it for them. The Boon Glo Nightlight with Portable Balls contains small balls that change colours or you might like to change them, depending on your child’s preference. Once they’ve been removed from the base, they give out a green glow for 30 minutes, so you can safely play a game of catch with your kid. If your child needs to go to the washroom in the middle of the night, he can remove one orb from its base and take it with him to the washroom, using it as a torch.

4. Stair gate: If you have a nine month old baby or slightly older, he’s probably crawling all over the place. Having a stair gate reins him in safely. In a recent survey, parents rated this product as the No. 1 necessity for their curious toddlers.


5. Sylvania Portable DVD Player:You can’t take your kid on a long car drive without making arrangements for music. So, here’s a portable DVD player which comes with USB and SD card slots for watching some of your digital content. It also comes with a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, so it doesn’t need a plug. Before you set off on your car trip, charge it and it will last for about three hours.

6. Graco Vibrating “Baby” Monitor:Once your kids are in bed, surely you too want to do your own thing, something like playing video games. With the Graco Vibrating Baby Monitor, you can play all the games you want while this gadget monitors all the sounds in your baby’s room and vibrates heavily when any sound is detected. There’s also a visual sound meter on the monitor that lights up the moment the noise is detected. Now, let your ears take a holiday, just leave it to your monitor to listen and pick up sounds while you play your favourite games.

7. Nextdoor App: If you have slightly older kids who go cycling with the neighbors’ kids which you find worrying, then you can get over your anxiety by downloading the Nextdoor app. This is a free private social platform for you, your neighbours and your community. On this platform, you can connect with your neighbours and ask questions that bother you. Find out where your children are, with whom and when they expect to return. You can also use this platform to ask for help, such as a good babysitter, finding your lost dog or any such thing. And the best part about Nextdoor is that it’s absolutely free.

8. Munchkin Nursery Projector and Sound System: If you’ve got very little kids who sleep well by listening to lullabies, then the Munchkin Nursery Projector and Sound System is ideal for you. This gadget plays Mozart, Twinkle Twinkle and other lullabies. It also gives off a cool, blue glow. Children love the soft lilting music.

9. Miracle Blanket and Snug & Tug Swaddle Blankets: The reason these blankets are so popular is that he remains warm inside without overheating. With swaddle blankets, he stays cosy and warm and sleeps better too. The Miracle Blanket comprises two such swaddles for two babies with arm flaps that hold your baby’s flying arms in place and reduce their fidgety ways so that one baby does not disturb the other.

10. Electric steam steriliser kit: If you want to sterilize your baby’s bottles really fast, it’s a good idea to use this kit. It’s easy to use and will take a lot off your hands. It’s helpful to keep your baby away from harmful bacteria. It can sterilize a few bottles at a time while you catch your 40 winks. Its compact size makes it a welcome member of any sized kitchen.


11. The Amazon Fire Kids-edition tablet:This seven-inch tablet from Amazon is loaded with a software called FreeTime that blocks access to email, in-app purchases, social media, etc. It only allows access to videos and websites that are appropriate for your little one to watch. Parents can also pre-set screen time limits for playing games.

If you think any or all of these products could make your life easier, why not try them out? Even if one of them can save you some time, effort or money, it would be well worth buying it.