11 Natural Ways to Grow African American Kid’s Hair Fast and Long


Who doesn’t love long hair? And all moms love for their young girls to flaunt beautiful long hair. If you are African American, here are 11 ways to grow really long tresses.

An African-American kid’s hair is usually extremely curly. This is the reason that such hair is quite difficult to manage. And when this hair grows, moms find handling the whole thing pretty difficult. It is important that these hair strands are taken care of well and maintained so that they grow long and fast and remain healthy at the same time. Right from childhood, a thorough and proper hair care regimen has to be maintained so that hairs of such kids grow consistently. There are true hair principles, which when followed make managing such hair easy.

11 Best Natural Ways to Grow African American Kid’s Hair Fast

african american kids hair

Using a pre shampoo is important

As is evident from the name, a pre-shampoo is applied before actually applying the shampoo. It is actually a kind of conditioning treatment in which a layer is formed on the hair strands. This prevents hair from getting too dry from shampooing and protects from breakage as well. Making a pre-shampoo at home is also possible with some kind of organic oil and a protein-based conditioner.

Wash the hair every 7-10 days

It is important that you wash the kid’s hair thoroughly after every 7-10 days. This will not only keep the hair clean, but also help in getting rid of accumulation of hair follicles at the hair roots. Depending upon the texture and need of the child’s hair, choose a proper shampoo. Choose a shampoo which comes with balanced pH so that hair becomes manageable and natural acidity is also maintained. Do not over wash hair as it will make it dry and brittle and lead to breakage. Gently massage the shampoo into the hair in round circular motions.

Apply conditioner immediately after shampooing

This is probably one of the most important steps to follow for managing African-American kids’ hair. Right after the process of shampoo, apply conditioner to the hair. Applying conditioner is important because it makes the hair highly manageable, softer and stronger. Along with this, the conditioner helps in protecting the inner structure of the hair and imparts shine to the tresses.


Hair becomes less brittle and gains strength, which augments the process of hair growth successfully. You can use leave-in, instant or rinse out conditioners as per your preference. Each kind of conditioner has its own pros and cons. It is better to know about them in details and then choose the one, which seems most suitable for use. The right way to apply conditioner is to squeeze out excess water from hair and section the hair. The conditioner should be worked through the hair. Take a comb, preferably a wide-toothed one and comb the conditioner through the hair to detangle any knots.

Work on the split ends

Split ends deter hair growth in all kinds of hair. In case your child’s hair has split ends, it is recommended to visit a stylist and get the hair trimmed so that the split ends are handled. Healthy hair growth is guaranteed with this process. Doing it every 6-8 weeks is recommended.

Moisturizing the child’s hair is important

There are different kinds of oils and rich lotions available, which help in moisturizing the child’s hair. The oil or the lotion should be applied all along the hair, particularly towards the hair ends so that split ends and hair breakage can be minimized and controlled. Choose light-consistency moisturizers so that the hair remains light after application. Thicker moisturizers weigh the hair down. Refrain from hair products which contain mineral oil and petroleum as hair follicles don’t absorb these and remain as residue at the hair roots.

Do not brush or comb excessively

Never ever brush or comb the hair of the kid excessively. This might lead to pulling and tearing the hair out. Doctors recommend investing in a proper comb. There are different kinds of combs suitable for different kinds of kids’ hair. Select the one that matches with your kid’s hair best.

Provide proper nourishment to the child

Healthy eating habits play a major role in deciding hair growth in kids. With proper nutrition, hair receives due nourishment and hair growth is ensured. Remaining well hydrated is also important – drink plenty of water and fresh juices for this.

Refrain from using heating and styling products on the kid’s hair.