11 Best Independence Day Books For Kids


Are you wondering how to make your baby learn more about Independence Day? It might be a good idea to let him or her learn through a good book. Stories have a way of making their ways into your little one’s heart. Like no boring history book can.

You and your kid can spend quality time together this Independence Day holiday reading out the stories. And boy, have we got the best list of books to choose from! We have handpicked the 11 best books on Indepence Day for your kids.

So let your independent reader learn some new stories this 4th of July.

11 Amazing Independence Day Books For Kids

What is the 4th Of July (Elaine Landau)

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This is part of the I Like Holidays! Series. If your child is wondering about the different traditions and symbols associated with Independence Day, this is the perfect book for him. It is a fun and exciting way for your kid to learn about the nation’s birthday! The book is easy to read. It is suitable for children between 5 – 8 years. There are also fun activities in the book that makes it a delightful read.

Happy 4th of July, Jenny Sweeney! (Leslie Kimmelman)

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Follow Jenny Sweeny on her journey across her town on the Fourth of July with this awesome book. Illustrated by Nancy Cote, this book is sure to get your child excited for the holiday. The rhyming text makes it a fun read. The bright pages and the story full of friendly characters makes it a must have for your kid this Independence Day.

The First Independence Day Celebration (Kathy Allen)

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This is yet another ultimate book on Independence Day to gift your child. It’s a fun way for him or her to learn the history of this day. The bright illustrations by Tom Sperling brings to life the story of how the nation’s first independence day was celebrated. It is suitable for children of ages 6 – 8 years. The hard cover book is a good idea if you want your child to know the story of the first independence day.

The Fourth of July Story (Alice Dalgliesh)

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It is a vibrant story of the nation’s history. Illustrated by Marie Nonnast, this book is an accessible and entertaining telling of history. Let your child learn about the history of the nation from this classic. It is suitable for preschool children. Your child can learn about the struggle of the colonists with the British and their fight for independence. There is also the writing of the Declaration of Independence. The storytelling of this book is rich and inspires awe in your kid about this glorious nation.

Biscuit’s Fourth of July (Alyssa Satin Capucilli)

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Follow the adorable Biscuit as he celebrates America’s Independence Day. The engaging drawings by Pat Schories is suitable for children between 2 – 6 years old. Your child will have hours of fun unfolding the flaps to find out the adventures of Biscuit. There are many surprises and treats in store for Biscuit and friends to discover!

How to Draw Independence Day Things (Rob Court)

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Making your kid learn to draw things associated with Independence Day is a great way to teach him about their history. This book uses easy to draw shapes to help your child learn the objects associated with  Independence Day. Teach your kid how to draw using basic shapes. It is good for children aged 7 years and above.

A is for America: A Patriotic Alphabet Book (Tanya Lee Stone)


Learning alphabets has never been more fun! With Tanya Lee Stone’s patriotic alphabet book your little one can get to know the alphabets while learning the nation’s history. The rhyming couplets for each alphabet make it a fun learning experience for your little one. Your kids can learn about the Declaration of Independence to the constitution all while learning the alphabets!

The Night Before the Fourth of July (Natasha Wing)

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Let your child read about the joys of a summer holiday with this exciting book. The events of the book is sure to get your child excited about the Fourth of July also! Let your baby read about the adventures of the family as they get ready for the fireworks! Illustrated by Amy Wummer, the pictures are bright and attractive that will definitely attract your baby.

Give me Liberty!: the Story of the Declaration of Independence (Russell Freedman)

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This is suitable for older children. If your child is between 10 – 13 years of age, this is the perfect book about Independence Day for him or her. The book begins with the Boston Tea Party events. It also introduces your child to the important characters in the struggle for independence. These include Paul Revere and Patrick Henry. Your child can learn about the different events leading up to the Declaration of Independence. It is an interesting way to introduce your child to the personalities involved in the nation’s battle for independence from its colonial masters.

Fireworks, Picnics, and Flags (James Giblin)

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This deligthfully illustrated book is one of the classics about the symbols associated with Independence Day. Written by James Cross Giblin and illustrated by Ursula Arndt, this book takes a spirited look at the nation’s independence history. It explains to your child the importance of the different symbols associated with America’s birthday. These include the flag, the Liberty Bell, Uncle Sam, and the bald eagle.

Fourth of July, Sparkly Sky (Joan Holub)

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Wonderful poetry along with bright and cheerful illustrations by Amanda Haley makes this perfect for your tiny tots! It is a fun way to teach them about the most patriotic holiday of the nation. The easy language of the poems and colorful pictures make this book suitable for children aged 2 – 6 years. You and your little one can have hours of fun reading the poems celebrating the Fourth of July!

Buying a book is a good way of introducing the history and significance of the Fourth of July holiday. Your kids will get to know the stories behind the symbols associated with the holiday and why they are used. The books are packed with information in a fun way. The simple language and bright pictures are good for younger readers. For older children also there is an option for learning more about the events leading up to the Independence Day. So, pick the perfect book for your little one and help him or her learn about this most patriotic holiday in a fun way!