Benefits of Foot Massage During Pregnancy


Pregnancy does not only increase the size of your tummy, but your legs and feet undergo swelling too. Every pregnant woman knows the ache that accompanies with the swelling, which can get quite intense at times. Pressing the feet for a bit might bring relief but the dream of having a nice massage will seem too good to resist. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of foot massage during pregnancy. We will discuss the benefits and risks of foot massage during pregnancy. Read on to find out everything, that you need to find out about a foot massage.


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All You Need to Know about Foot Massage During Pregnancy

Is a Foot Massage Safe During Pregnancy?

Many women wish to opt for a pedicure foot massage while pregnant and get relief from the pain, especially after knowing there are specific massages meant for pregnant women. A well-experienced professional undertaking the right kind of pregnancy massage will be safe for the mother as well as bring the necessary benefits along with it. These professionals undertake special training and certification and have the right knowledge of where to massage and which areas to avoid.

What are the Benefits of a Pregnancy Foot Massage?

There are many benefits of a foot massage during the first trimester of pregnancy. Some of those are:

  • The fluid retention in a pregnant woman is higher than usual. This is further accompanied by vein compression since the growth of the uterus applies pressure on them. By undergoing foot massage, these swellings can be relieved and the circulation can be aided to bring about a relaxing feeling.
  • It has been observed that a foot massage done properly on a daily basis can help reduce the swelling of the leg by a considerable amount.
  • The process of massage brings about calm and peace to the mind and helps in restoring mental balance. This is extremely essential for first-time mothers as the stress and anxiety of the pregnancy can get in the way of having a healthy delivery.
  • For mothers who show signs of depression and are on reduced medication, undertaking regular massages can help boost their mood and deliver babies that are absolutely healthy with good weight and no signs of premature birth present on them.
  • The massaging of the foot is felt by the foetus, too, and the baby tends to respond to it by moving inside the womb. This helps in strengthening the bond between a mother and child and bring about non-verbal communication.

What are the Risk of Foot Massage in Pregnancy?

The relief from foot massage is immense but there are certain risks associated with foot massages and not limited to foot massage pregnancy induce labour possibilities. Some major points to be taken the precaution of are:

Risk of Preeclampsia

In certain cases, your legs might suddenly swell a lot more than before and lead to a rise in blood pressure as well. This condition is termed as preeclampsia and is an extremely serious one. Women who face this condition generally do so in the last stages of the pregnancy, primarily when the weight gain has become tremendous. A lot of headache bouts begin to occur, blood pressure shoots through the roof, oedema starts occurring and visual sight begins to be disturbed. In cases of vomiting, nausea, or where there is a risk of placental abruption, leading to separation of the placenta and uterus, a foot massage should be undertaken only if your doctor agrees or it is best avoided altogether.


Also known as deep vein thrombosis, this is generally a result of clot formation. Mostly observed in legs, this blood clot occurs in one of the veins located deep within the leg, or even several of them. This causes legs to swell up quite a lot, accompanied by intense pain. Many women face this only in one leg, making it easy to diagnose it. In such a case, a foot massage can be life-threatening. This is because any pressure on the veins could cause a blood clot to loosen from the vein walls and begin to travel through the circulatory system. This clot, on reaching the lungs, could block the flow of blood and lead to various complications, including embolism.

Pitting Oedema

Swelling that occurs during pregnancy is also called as oedema. This swelling is not out of the ordinary since it is usually a result of an increase in the size of the uterus as well as hormonal changes. Both of these begin to affect the veins and obstruct the normal blood circulation. This is why a massage brings relief since it aids the circulation by reducing the swelling. But, if the swelling tends to disappear temporarily when pressure is applied, this is usually a sign of pitting oedema. This needs to be examined by a doctor immediately as it could signify the presence of DVT or preeclampsia, too.

Therefore, to conclude, foot massage is quite a wonderful way to get the necessary relaxation you need during pregnancy. Opting for reflexology foot massage while pregnant can also be done, ensuring the areas of risk are avoided and light pressure is used. Regular foot massage can help maintain a good mental and physical balance and relieve the stress of pregnancy, keeping you and your baby happy.



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