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Richa Sethia
Richa Sethia, Blog Owner

There are a few things which are more dearer to you than all your other accomplishments in life. Success in this work cannot be weighed in commonly used financial metrics, but parameters such as a sense of satisfaction and the degree of happiness you experience. This blog is one of such endeavours which has a deep personal connect and driven solely by life changing, day-to-day, personal experiences.

The blog was created soon after I had my first child. I realized first hand, how raising a child can be very difficult, in this increasingly distant world, where you are on your own! I experienced difficulty in finding answers to the most basic questions related to parenting. While there are many blogs and articles from disparate sources, I was never sure which one of these are credible. Which one of them has been authored by someone who has first hand experience in child care? How defensible is the data being quoted? Even more basic questions were unanswered, ranging from what food is right for babies to what activities helps develop mental abilities and motor skills in children.

My own experiences translated into coming up with this portal ParentingHealthyBabies.com. We, at ParentingHealthyBabies.com, hold your hands all the way from the pre-conception stage to pregnancy, childbirth, early childhood and parenting. Our blog covers homemade baby food recipes, dos and dont’s of pregnancy, baby care, healthy eating, fun activities, parenting hacks, amongst many more interesting and useful topics.

Our motto is to become a credible destination on parenting tips, so that you are equipped to raise healthy babies. Happy parenting to you!