UTI in Kids: 15 Home Remedies for UTI in Children


Water, fruit juice, pro-biotic, lemon juice, prevention from the acidic food and drinks, keep your children private areas clean, warm bath is a must, use cloth diapers, coconut oil, applying hot pads, apple cider vinegar, cucumber, pineapple are some of the home remedies for UTI in kids.

One of the most common infections found among children is Urinary tract infection. It is initially caused due to the bacteria and also is of rare chances caused due to the viral infection of the fungal infection or even bladder. However, in order to cure the infection a course of the antibiotics is administered as there are mostly parents who are opting for the home remedies in order to treat UTI.

Here are some of the natural home remedies for UTI in children that can be eventually cured without consulting a doctor for the same:

15 Natural Home Remedies for UTI in Children

home remedies for uti


You need to ensure that your child drink more water because this will eventually help in order to flushing out the bacteria from your child urinates and do not force them to drink water for the same. If your kid is less than 6 months then you can give them breast milk instead of water.

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Fruit Juice

If your baby is more than 6 months of age, then provide them with as much fruit juice as you can. Pineapple or cranberry or blueberry juices are considered to be the healthiest and the best juices. Generally, the juice of these fruits will limit the multiplication or the growth of germs and bacteria found in the urinary tract. Make sure you consult a doctor before providing them with the same because all of these fruit juices should be eventually diluted before giving it to your baby because some might involve high levels of acid.

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Do you know that benign bacteria flora is considered to be an important thing? And the same time is required in order to suppress the bacterial overgrowth that might lead to the UTI. Pro-biotic basically restores all the body’s natural flora in order to further help in the bacterial resistance.

Lemon Juice

As all of you might know that lemons eventually help in order to flush the germs and the bacteria from the entire body. Because it initially causes the Ph Level in the blood and also urinary tract in order to change from the acidic to alkaline that usually stops the growth of the bacteria. Lemon juice act as a diuretic agent and it also make the bladder discharge the urine more there by eventually flushing it out from the body. Also, drinking lemon juice daily will help in order to prevent the urinary tract infections in future.

Prevention from the acidic food and drinks

If you provide your children with semi solids or the solid food and other different fluids apart from breast milk then, prevent them from giving acidic drinks and foods. The food should eventually be as blended as possible and also more of the diluted juice like breast milk or if given vegetables or sweets then make sure it should be less acidic.

Keep your children private areas clean

Make sure you change your children’s diaper on regular basis and also ensure that your baby doesn’t wear the soiled diaper for a very long time. So, once the soiled diaper is taken off, make them wear a new one instead. Also, before cleaning their private parts make sure you clean your hand as this will also prevent contamination of the area.


Warm bath is a must

Make sure that you give your baby a warm bath once in a day by making use of hypoallergenic soap. This warm water will give your baby some relief from the pain and will also clean the private parts of the body in order to further preventing the bacterial growth.

Use Cloth Diapers

Make sure you change the cloth diapers of your baby before it gets soiled. Also, cloth diapers don’t eventually encourage the bacterial growth like the disposable diapers.

Urinate often

If your kid is older, then you must ask them to urine more often. They might not comply and this is because of the urination that is eventually affected by the UTI and is also painful. However, the encouragement in this time is considered to be most important and you can do this by eventually telling that the pain will eventually cease if they urinate.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is considered to be the most important thing for the children as it acidifies the urine and also keep the bladder healthy. This helps in prevention of harmful bacteria and also gives vitamin C rich fruits and also supplements once the consultation of the doctor is taken and also is considered to be the good way in order to treat the UTI in kids.

Coconut Oil

While cooking food for the baby it is considered to be important to put a spoonful of the coconut oil to eventually treat UTI. It eventually makes urinating easier. You can eventually apply a little coconut oil in the urethra.

Applying hot pads

You can eventually light a lantern and heat some water. You need to fold a hand towel and also put it around the lantern all around the hot vessel of the water. Then you can eventually apply the hot towel all over the lower abdomen of the baby and keep it repeating. You need to remember in order to check the temperature of the hot towel before initially applying on the child’s abdomen.


Apple cider Vinegar

It is considered to be one of the best home remedies in order to treat the UTI in children. It is eventually said to be the rich in the potassium that prevents E – coli from eventually developing and also spreading the urinary tract. The acetic acid initially presents in the ACV and also has the anti-bacterial components and elements that might kill the bacteria and germs initially present in this urinary tract. ACV should eventually taken orally and also small children might not eventually like the taste of it and for that you can eventually mix a little honey and also water with it and at the same time give your child in order to sip in the morning for the week.


Cucumber is considered to be the great and also easy way in order to combat UTI. You can eventually peel it and then later onwards cut the long strips of the cucumber and at the same time give it to your baby as the finger food. Cucumber eventually contains naturally distilled water. It has alkaline forming all the minerals that inhibit the germs and bacteria in the urinary tract as it also diuretic in the nature. Therefore, it eventually helps in order to waste and bacteria removal through the frequent urination. It eventually has the anti-inflammatory properties that help in order to relieve the inflammation and also pain caused by the bacteria in the urinary tract.


Pineapples initially contain the enzyme called Brome lain that eventually breaks down the protein that eventually causes the inflammation. This eventually combines the trypsin and other different enzymes as it eventually becomes an effective way of the eventually treating UTI. As it eventually gives the baby strips of the pineapple as the finger food is considered to be the good and also one of the easiest way in order to treat the infection.

Urinary Tract infection is not considered to be the major health concern. Therefore, it eventually persists for the long period of the time as it can eventually affect the kidneys and also lead to severe health issues at the same time. So, what is the wait for? You can try out the above mentioned home remedies in order to cure UTI in your kids and also if this issue continues, it would be considered to be the best to consult a doctor.

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