101 Twin Baby Girl Names with Same Meaning

Having a baby is a delight and what if you have a double delight. Yes, what if you have twins? One side it will be a great joy, but on the other side it brings double responsibility and care. You have to find so much time to manage twin babies. But the main tough situation you face is naming them.

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Lot of things go through mind while searching for names. How it sounds, what the meaning is, whether the names should rhyme or not? Whatever be the priorities, if both the names have a same meaning then it is wonderful. So, if you are in such a situation to name your twin baby girls; here are 100 twin baby girl names with same meaning.

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101 Twin Baby Girl Names

Name 1 Name 2 Meaning
Alice Elsie Noble
Asher Felix Happy
Federica Milo Peaceful
Esme Imogen Beloved
Aurelia Flavia Golden
Arabella Callista Beautiful
Blake Finley Fair
Jude Tahila Praise
Orlando Laszlo Famous
Akden Ramona Wise
Cyrus Samson Sun
Clancy Kane Warrior
Sasha Owen Warrior
Darcy Delaney Dark
Ada Sari Noble
Abigail Bella Beautiful
Belinda Bonita Pretty
Ewab Sinead Gracious
Chelsea Clancy
Lottie Lorma Tiny and feminine
Isa Fayre Beautiful
Rachel Jacintha Beautiful
Farrah Muskaan One who smiles
Anandi Aeisha One who is happy
Aboli Kusum Flower
Aboli Kusum Flower
Eve Zoe Life
Freya Phoebe Love and light
Ava Belle Beautiful
Sarah Almirah Princess
Arabella Callista Beautiful
Faith Hope
Allegra Halona
Heaven Nevaeh Anagrams of each other
Ciare Niamh Little dark one-bright
Isabella Sophia Devoted to God-holy wisdom
Hallie Annie Dweller-grace
Arianna Brianna Chaste- virtous
Marcella Matilda Warlike- mighty
Aarushi Ahaana First rays of Sun
Aarzoo Aakansha Desire
Asshi Aashitha Happiness
Clarisa Leonara Bright
Alice Freya Noble
Karishma Kashish Attractive
Anshika Anwika A part
Aasha Aashita Hope
Mohini Menaka Beautiful
Amisha Ananya Beautiful
Charu Charvi Beautiful
Deepa Deepika Light
Sampada Sampatti Wealth
Scarlet Penelope Red
Esta Tara Star
Strom Salena Moon
Diana Rishima Moon goddess
Devangi Devyanshi Divine
Aaradhana Aarti Worship
Amelie Abrienne Hardworking-feminine of Abraham
Callie Cecilia Beautiful- blind
Kellyn Kira Brightheaded one- light
Savannah Sierra From the open plain- dark
Suzie Shawna Graceful lily- God is gracious
Tabitha Trista Beauty- noisy
Ursula Uma Little female bear- tranquillity
Aurora Arabella
Luna Rose
Faith Grace
Gabriella Isabella
Addison Ava
Ava Mia
Chloe Sophie
Grace Hope
Natalie Nicole
Jennifer Jessica
Madison Mckenzie
Addison Avery
Adriana Andrea
Ashley Emily
Stella Grace
Jenna Barbara
Paige Jocelyn
Pasty Peggy
Aquinnah Schuyler
Kathleen Eva
Marion Tabitha
Eden Savannah
Finley Harper
Beatrice Bridget
Heidi Hannah
Pippa Phoebe
Lacey Lucy
Reese Ruse
Elizabeth Elodie
Ivy Ida
Harper Hailey
Daphne Delphina
Scarlett Stella
Vanessa Violet
Ainsley Arden
Ariel Ashby
Avalon Avery

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