21 DIY Ideas for Making Toys from Trash

Ever thought of making toys from the trash that lay around in your storeroom? Time to stop throwing them out and try to utilize them in a fun, easy and creative way to make interesting toys for your kids. Here are some of the brilliant ideas!

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21 DIY Toys from Trash Ideas

Skateboard Swing

Just like a tire swing, why not make a skateboard swing? Just fix the ends of the skateboard with ropes to a stand keeping the board a few inches above the ground. And there you go!

Tic Tac Toe Game with Stones

How about painting Os and Xs on flat stone surfaces? That way, you can get a portable version of the Tic Tac Toe game to play in picnics or barbecues. Isn’t that a cooler version?

Toy Storage from Mason Jars

Transform the old mason jars into toy holders and place tiny plastic models of superheroes on their lids. Your kid will now more eagerly put away his toys to see them protected by his favorite superheroes!

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Snack Stand from Cardboard Boxes

Fresh fruits for sale! Ever thought of transforming an XL box into a food stand with two side windows and a bar? Then get hold of a small box to have front storage for veggies and fruits.

Tire Teeter Totter

Take out the old tire from your garage. Its springy material will make it a safe teeter-totter for the kids with handles to easily rock back and forth. Yet another toy from trash!

Ring Toss from Paper Towel Roll

How can the cardboard supporting your paper towel turn creative? Cut out the centre of these paper plates into rings. These can keep your children better entertained for hours without iPads!

Homemade Guitar from a Cereal Box

Once your toddler’s cereal box is exhausted, he might start crying. How about turning it into a homemade guitar to entertain your little rockstar whenever he’s in the mood of showtime?

Bottlecap Cymbals

Turn the metallic bottle caps and cardboards into finger cymbals for your kids! Colour the caps according to their favourite hues. Again your kids will be ready to rock the show with these colourful mini cymbals!

Sandbox Station from an Old Bookshelf

You only need four bags of sand and a creative paint job to make a child-friendly sandbox out of your boring old bookshelf. A new colourful sandbox station for your kid’s sand toys is ready!

DIY Camera Toy

Grab a tissue box to create the body of the toy camera and the plastic lid of a shampoo bottle or a cleaning container to form the camera lens. Your kid will go crazy for taking snaps with it.

Toy Bongo Drum

Get an empty can. Cover its mouth with a balloon, strapping it tightly with a rubber band. Your DIY bongo drum is ready for your kid. He can even disassemble it quickly after the show is over.

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Kitchen Set from Entertainment Center

Worrying that your new TV doesn’t fit inside your old entertainment center? Why not turn it into your kid’s DIY kitchen set? Just add some adorable accessories and a few swinging doors. You’re done!

Cork Sailboats

Start saving your wine corks instead of throwing them in the bin. Tie three corks together with two colorful rubber bands and add tiny sails to create amazing DIY floating boats. Your kid can now sail across the bathwater seas amidst soap and bubbles!

Egg Carton Penguin Dolls

Don’t throw away your used empty egg cartons. It’s time to go creative with them! Cut out the carton sections to make cute little penguins. Create an icy environment with cotton balls for your kid’s playtime.

LEGO Stand from a Side Table

Customize any of your old side tables with some smart upgrades and any vibrant paint. Now transform it into a cool DIY LEGO stand or any other play station of your kid’s choice.

Coke-can Airplane

Time to go creative with those empty coke cans! Cut them and fit them together to make the airplane’s body. Use cardboards to carve out its wings. Use plastic bottle caps to make its wheels. Your DIY airplane is ready to soar!

Scientific Toy Lift

It’s a scientific toy from the trash. Cut a straw in 2 pieces. Tie them at the two ends of a thread loop. Now insert this loop through an empty thread reel resting it on one straw. Pull down the other straw to lift the reel. Paint the reel like an elevator. Your kid’s scientific toy lift is ready!

Can Train

Take film cans to create train wagons. Place cheap show buttons connected by needs below the wagons. Connect them all both sides with a thread and tie a knot in the front. Pull with the loose end of the thread and see the whole train moving!

Bottle Bag

Go creative with your old tapered plastic bottle! Cut out its head portion (2 inches from the top) with the cap. Take a plastic bag with, for instance, beads. Pass the mouth of the bag through the bottle and flare it. Screw on the cap to seal the bag. Now open and close it as you wish. Your DIY bottle bag is ready!

Toy Spider

Cut a book-binding plastic spiral into 8 parts. Cut out the base of a bottle. Attach the spirals below the bottle base (spider’s body) as the spider’s legs. Paste the bottle cap on top of the base to make the spider’s head. Paint the whole spider accordingly. Ready!

Spin Fun

Draw a spinner on a card sheet and color it symmetrically with bright paints. Cut the four blades in equal proportion leaving the center attached. Lift the four flaps to create blades of a fan-like spinner. Stick a half-round bead below the center for the pivot. Blow to spin it!


Quickly try the above creative toys from trash ideas that are easy, cheap as well as pretty much fun to do!

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