11 Best Park Games to Play with Your Kids at Park

Outdoor games are a fun way to spend some time with your little one. In fact, this can probably be the best solution to your child’s boredom. Your child can also pair up with other kids or his/her friends to play these exciting yet fun games. In this article, we will be discussing 11 fun games to play with your kids in the park:

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11 Fun and Active Games for Kids in the Park

Ship Captain

For this one, you would first need a place that is big enough to be the ship, for instance, a blanket that is big enough to hold every person who is playing. You will then have to teach a few orders like, “Run to the ship”, in which case everyone will run towards the ship, “port” when everyone should run to the left and “standard” when everyone runs towards the right. If anyone makes a mistake, he/she will be out of the game but can continue to play by becoming sharks who tag people. When you have a few people who are “sharks”, you can also add “shark attack”, when sharks attack people who are in the water by tagging them.



We all know how to play this one. Everyone except a single person will need to hide and that single person will then have to look out for everyone else. Once everyone is found, the game comes to an end.


Tug of War

You have to divide everyone into a team of two. Now place everyone equally on the opposite sides of the rope. You can mark a spot on the ground that indicates the boundary. Both the teams will have to pull extremely hard so that they can make the other team cross the line.


Scavenger Hunt

Make a list of things that people have to collect from the park. You would also need a bag of the same. winner will be the one who collects the maximum number of things listed. You can add a twist by making it a little more challenging for the kids by making the list in riddles. This is one of the interesting park games to play with your kids.


Follow the Leader

This one is pretty simple. One person will be the leader and everyone will have to follow the leader, which includes following their every move. For instance, everyone will move their hand if the leader does so, everyone bends when the leader bends and so on. Everyone can take turns to be the leader after some specified time.


Traffic Lights

In this one, one person out of all of you will be a traffic light and everyone else except for him will stand towards the other end of the park. Suppose, when the ‘traffic light’ says green light, everyone will start moving towards him, when he says ‘red light’ everyone stops. And in case someone makes a mistake, for instance, moves when ‘red light’ has been called, will go to the starting point and begin again.  Whoever reaches the traffic light at first will be the winner.


Tag off the Ground

I love this game! So basically, everyone in this game is supposed to climb onto whatever they can, like the swings or staircase or anything and they will be safe as long as they are not on the ground. One person will be on the ground and can tag anyone who gets on the ground.



You will hit the shuttle to the other side of the net with the racket. The other will get a point in case the shuttle hits the ground. Out of both the teams, whoever reaches 21 points first will be the winner.


Chain Tag

In the beginning, there will be only one person who will have to catch everyone else. Now suppose, he catches one player, now the player who has been caught will have to join hands with the first one and they both will chase down the rest of the players. A chain will keep on forming every time they catch a new player. The game will come to an end when there are no more players to chase after.


Hot and Cold

You can take a small object and one player will hide the chosen object while everyone else will have to close their eyes. Once the object has been hidden, players will begin to search for the object. Meanwhile, the hider can give the players some clues by saying ‘hot” which means they are close to the hidden object and “cold” meaning they are farther away from the object.



You do not need a number of players to play this. In fact, you along with your siblings are also enough to engage in this one. Of course, you are free to add more people to make it even more exciting. This is one of the exciting park games to play with your little ones.



Look out for your child’s suggestions. listen to what outdoor games do they like to play and always find a few ways to make your games more fun by adding a little twist.

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