11 Erectile Dysfunction Home Remedies You can Trust

Garlic, Korean red ginseng, Yohimbe bark, Pomegranate juice, Onions, Ginger, Carrots, Acupuncture, L-arginine, Drumsticks and Asparagus are some of the erectile dysfunction home remedies.

Erectile dysfunction also known as impotency is a type of sexual malfunctioning in the body. It is the inability to develop an erection hampering in your love life. Erectile dysfunction is not only physically harmful but can also create far reaching psychological consequences in the sufferer also. It lowers self-esteem and breaks the confidence level of individuals. It makes difficult for the man to uphold a self-image in a relationship and at times is also the reason behind failed compatibility. The most common causes for erectile dysfunction can be cardio vascular diseases, diabetes, hormonal insufficiency or a severe injury below the belt. A number of natural remedies are now available and highly trusted that can help cure this condition and restore the lost confidence in individuals. Some of them are

11 Ways to Cure Erectile Dysfunction Naturally


Garlic possesses an allicin component that is directly derived from its clove. This naturally occurring acid helps in increasing the flow of blood in the body. It can be used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Chewing the garlic cloves daily for 2-3 months or consuming it in the form of a powder can do the trick for you.

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Korean red ginseng

Also known as Chinese ginseng or Asian ginseng is believed to be an operative remedy for ed problems. It can be used for the treatment of sexual dysfunction and is widely used by the people of united states. It increases sexual libido and cures rigidity and is often recommended to use 600- 1000 mg of Korean red ginseng three times a day for best results.


Yohimbe bark

Yohimbe bark extract has often been used as a dietary supplement and can be availed easily from the market. The main reason behind the popularity of yohimbe is its ability to cure erectile dysfunction and promote a healthy sexual girth in the body. At times anti-depressants and other medicines leave a negative impact on the body in the form of low sex drive and irregular migraine issues. Yohimbe bark comes in as a handy solution for the treatment of such problems in the body.

Pomegranate juice

The antioxidants present in the juice of pomegranate make it good for the circulation of blood and reduces stress level in the body. It increases the flow of blood in the penis and makes it possible for the person to hold an erection. Experimented priory on rabbits the studies are substantial prove for the efficiency of pomegranate juice in the body. Drinking a glass of pomegranate juice every day or taking pomegranate supplements can do the trick for you.


Onions too help in the treatment of ed problems in the body. They have been experimented on male rats and it has been proven that they improved their sexual potency. It can also cure medicine induced impotency that may be a result of any side effects or allergic reaction by the body. Slice the onions and roast them on a pan till they turn brown consume them with honey to neutralize its taste. Repeat the process for about a month for best results.

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While carrots have always been acknowledged for their benefits to the eyes and its vitamin constituency is is a lesser known fact that the same are extremely effective methods of promoting healing, cardio vascular health and erectile dysfunction. Make a juice out of freshly washed and drained carrots mixed with garlic cloves and consume it regularly with garlic cloves for best results.


Many doctors and nutritionists believe that from the beginning ginger has possessed many aphrodisiac properties that make it a good option to boost sexual activity in the body. Ginger is also a prime agent that promotes free circulation of blood in the body. This leads to high possibilities of developing an erection and treating the problem of impotency. Mix some amount of ginger with honey and consume the same for 1-2 months for best results.


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Acupuncture is an age old technique that is used in ancient china as a form of treatment to multiple diseases and problems. In this, thin needles are pricked around the body part that needs to be treated for any kind of illness. Researches prove that acupuncture improves erection and can lead to effective results in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

L- arginine

It is an amino acid naturally present in the body that helps the production of nitric oxide which eventually aids in relaxing blood vessels promoting the flow of blood leading to a successful erection. Many studies prove that l-arginine when combined with pycogenol forms a strong mixture that improves sexual ability by 80% in the body.


Drumsticks or commonly called as horseradish tree is an easily available vegetable in the market. It is often used for the creation of a strong sexual tonic that can help tackle the problem of erectile dysfunction in the body of both males and females. To use it adequately for best results one must boil them in one glass of milk and drink it slowly like a soup. Another alternative is to use the powder of the tree’s bark and boil it with water for thirty minutes. Mix it with honey and consume it three times a day for best results.

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The white roots of the asparagus have multiple health benefits that one can take advantage of from its regular consumption. In ancient days asparagus roots were used as a form of aphrodisiac. You can take 15 grams of asparagus ad boil it along with a cup of milk. Drink this mixture every night before bed for visible results. Regular intake of this concoction can completely cure the problem of impotency or erectile dysfunction.


Thus here were some of the most effective natural remedies to cure the problem of erectile dysfunction. Natural home remedies ensure that the patient suffers from no side effects or any allergic reaction by the body on consumption of a foreign object. Thus natural and homemade remedies are often promoted by nutritionist and doctors for a better and safe result.

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