Christmas DIY Crafts for kids

Christmas is fast approaching and kids would be very excited. Kids wait all the year so that enjoy Christmas time. And what better way to enjoy the holidays by making crafts and decorative items for this Christmas. Kids can have so much fun making these crafts. Kids can spend a lot of time making these Christmas crafts that they might forget that they’re hungry. The fascination for Christmas can be so compelling.

Christmas Crafts for Kids

Here are few craft and decorative ideas for this Christmas for kids.

Bottle Cap Snowman: Perhaps this is one of the easiest craft that can be made by kids. All you need are soft drink bottle caps, a glue tape, few colorful ribbons, shirt buttons along with white paint and black sketch. First attach 3 bottle caps side by side using the tape and paint them in white. After the paint dries out completely, make snowman’s face with the black sketch and stick the ribbons and buttons on the cap snowman.

Bottle Cap Snowman

Source: Bored Panda


Paper Snowman: Paper Snowman is a simple Snowman craft, which requires nothing more than a white paper. All you need to do is to cut the Snowman shape, draw some eyes, nose, scarf and buttons. Make this Snowman small because it can be decorated on the Christmas tree.

Paper Snowman

Source: Dicas de Artesanatos

Paper Snowman Christmas Decorative


Light Bulb Snowman: If you have old light bulbs at home, then you could make some awesome Snowmen. Color the light bulbs with white color and decorate them with things such as hat, scarf, etc. and your Snowman is ready for display. Be very careful while handling light bulbs. Preferably take an adult’s help while handling light bulbs.

Lightbulb Snowmen

Source: Valarie Comer

Miniature Christmas Tree: This one is also supposed to be a simple craft which kids can easily make. All you need are a medium thickness cardboard sheet, furry green fabric, sparkle stickers and an ice cream stick stand. Make a cone from the cardboard sheet and stick the furry green fabric on it carefully and stick the sparkle stickers on the green fabric. You can decorate this Christmas tree with as many sparkles or glitters as you can. You could make a stand for the Christmas tree using ice cream sticks.

Mini Christmas Tree

Source: Au Outdoors

Another cardboard Christmas tree: Alternatively, this is another mini cardboard Christmas tree that you can easily make. Take a package cardboard sheet and cut it into long triangles. Take the long triangle of all and cut a slit lengthwise which can accommodate another triangle perpendicularly. You can cut several pieces along the edge of the triangles to give that Christmas tree look. Apply green color for that authentic look. You could also add glitter to this tree as well.

Cardboard Christmas Tree

Source: Albina Reynre

“Green” Christmas Tree: If you want to have an environmentally friendly Christmas this year, make your Christmas tree out of the material that you don’t need any more. One example is a Christmas tree made from empty egg cartons. Instead of throwing them away, you could color these egg cartons green and arrange them as a Christmas tree. This is much fun and it can help save trees from being cut down.  You can decorate it with as many decorative items as you can.

Green Christmas Tree

Source: Stiri si Noutati

Decorative items for Christmas Tree: You could make easy decorative items for your Christmas tree with simple items at home. All you need are few large pieces of furry cloth, different colored cloth buttons, few threads and a needle. Cut the furry cloth into different shapes such as a Christmas tree, a bell, a sock, etc and sew different color buttons onto the cloth. Also stitch a piece of ribbon as hanging. You have yourself some decorative items for the Christmas tree.


Christmas Decorations tree bell

Source:Noton The High Street

Christmas Craft Bell

Source: Avocado Home Gifts

Corrugated Paper Crafts: Apart from the above mentioned items, to add variety of items you can use corrugated paper for making different types of crafts which can be used to decorate your Christmas tree. Cut the corrugated paper into several shapes such as star, heart, bell, moon, angel, snowman and different shapes that you can think of. Take colorful thread that you can run across the craft for hanging it on the Christmas tree.

Snowman Ornament

Source: Mind Enkrea

Corrugated Christmas Star

Source: Craft

Corrugated Gingerbread Man

Source: Best Home Ever

Christmas Paper Craft Star

Source: Craft

Other decorative items: You could also make some other items that can be used to decorate the Christmas tree such as a reindeer hanging, green piece hanging, sled hanging etc. For a reindeer or angle, or star sketch you can use these as templates. Take different colored papers, stick them on to cardboard and cut out the shapes. You can use them as Christmas tree hangings. These are simple and effective.


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Christmas Decorations Templates

Source: All About You

Christmas Reindeer Template

Source: Lola Pink Fabric


Santa Claus: Christmas is not complete without Santa Claus, right? Make your own Santa Claus from numerous materials and things found at home. One of the simplest Santa is the Hand Santa. Make an outline sketch of your palm on a paper and cut it very carefully. Now, use the fingers as the beard of Santa and the thumb as Santa’s hat.

Hand print Santa

Source: When Do I Sleep

Star Santa: A simple Santa you can make at home is the Star Santa. To make a Star Santa you would need a red color paper. Cut this paper in star shape. On the top end, put Santa’s face with eyes, beard and cap and on the other four corners add gloves and boots. In the middle add a stripe which resembles the belt.

Star Santa

Source: Buggy and Buddy


Santa from Paper Roll: Another simple Santa that you could make is Santa with paper roll. Collect paper roll spools and color them in red color. On the top, add a cone and color it with red. Now, make the face of Santa by adding eyes, nose and mouth. Mark the areas of mustache and beard. Paste a some cotton on the marked mustache and beard area and Santa is ready.

Paper roll Santa

Source:Stylish Eve

Santa from Cone: Alternatively, you could make Santa from cardboard sheets. All you need is a cardboard sheet. Make a cone out of it and stick the cone ends properly. Either color it with red or paste some maroon paper on it. Now, add Santa’s signature hat, a thick white mustache and some white beard to it and Santa is ready.

Cone Santa

Source: Mrs. Fox Sweets

Santa from Cone

Source: Parent Map

Paper Bag Santa: Paper Bag Santa is another way to make Santa Claus. All you need are paper bags. Take some paper bags and on the bottom end add Santa’s eyes, nose and place for Santa’s mustache and beard. Make the beard from cotton. For the hat, cut out a hat from red or maroon color paper and on the edge, add a piece of cotton. Now stick the hat to Santa and paper bad Santa is ready.

Paper bag Santa

Source:Absolutely Seriously Fabulous

Santa’s Reindeer: Last but not the least, how can we forget Santa’s friends the reindeers which tirelessly pull his sleigh. Here’s a tribute to Santa’s Reindeers. A simple reindeer can be made by simple good old hand printing. Remember the Santa face that we’ve discussed above. In the same manner, you could make a reindeer with little material. Mark your palm on a thin cardboard and cut it out. Now, add eyes, nose, horns and the decorations that you like on the reindeer.

Hand Print Reindeer

Source:Dump A Day

Cardboard Reindeers: Another way to make reindeers is by making cylinders out of cardboard pieces. Make a large cylinder that acts like the body. Now add legs to the body. For the head, make a smaller cylinder and add eyes, ears, nose and horns. Now, stick all the pieces together and your reindeer is ready.

Cardboard Reindeer

Source: Riz Ornament

Cork Reindeer: Alternatively, you can make a reindeer from corks used to cover bottles. Cut the corks carefully to make the body of the reindeer and add decorative things on it such as the tail, fur, horns, etc.

Cork Reindeer

Source: Flickr

Paper Cup Reindeer: Paper cup reindeer is relatively easy to make. All you need are few paper cups. Color them in dark brown color and stick eyes and nose to it. You could also stick a pair of ears to it. Now for the horns, take some straws and stick them on to the cup.

Paper Cup Reindeer

Source: Indulgy

Reindeer from Paper cup

Source: Kids O Mania


Ice Cream Stick Reindeer: Another very easy way to make reindeer is with ice cream sticks. Make a triangle out of ice cream sticks and add eyes and nose. Now stick some paper cut out horns to the reindeer and the ice cream stick reindeer is complete.

Ice Cream Stick Reindeer

Source: Mom 2 Posh Lil Divas

We hope you have a great time making these decorative items for this Christmas. At the same time, please keep in mind that while handling sharp and dangerous object like scissors, light bulbs or any such thing, be very careful and ask for an adult to supervise or take his or her help. Please do not handle things that you don’t know how to operate. Have great Christmas this year!