21 Best Audiobooks for Road Trip with Kids

Audiobooks are generally the voice recordings of the text of a book that you listen to rather than read. You can listen to the audiobooks through the medium of mobile phone, portable music player, home speaker, computer, tablet and many more. The concept of audiobooks has become very popular in recent years. If you spend more time driving your car to reach to your office or you do a long journey while coming back to your home from university, then you are the perfect candidate for audiobooks. Audiobooks can be the word-to-word version of either a book or an abridged version. There are a wide variety of audiobook genres available in the market. Let’s discuss audiobooks for road trip.

If you are planning a long road trip with your kids, then you have the opportunity to introduce some excellent audiobooks to your children. It’s a guarantee that your kids will enjoy a lot and want to get stuck into the story throughout. Here we will know about the 21 best audiobooks for road trips that you can enjoy with your kids while traveling.

But before that let’s know if audiobooks are as good as reading or not.

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Are Audiobooks as Good as Reading?
21 Awesome Audiobooks for Road Trip with Kids

Are Audiobooks as Good as Reading?

It is really difficult to manage time for reading in today’s busy world, even for the people who love to read. Audiobooks are a convenient alternative to reading, and because of this, many have started to rely on audiobooks. We can listen to the latest bestsellers while doing household works or commuting. But listening to audiobooks and reading books is not the same at all. It largely depends on your motives. If you want to kill time productively, then yes, audiobooks are perfect for you. While reading, you have the flexibility, but at the same time, you have to give up your entire concentration. You can’t do anything while reading. While reading, you read at your own pace, but when listening to audiobooks, the narrator sets the pace. It mainly depends on the narrator’s voice and his way of telling stories. You can enjoy listening to an audiobook while traveling, while you are in a family picnic.

21 Awesome Audiobooks for Road Trip with Kids

The Adventure Collection

By: Jonathan Swift, Jack London, Rudyard Kipling, Howard Pyle, Robert Louis Stevenson

The duration of this audiobook is 40hr 21min. This audiobook is perfect for a seriously long road trip. It covers some of the most iconic adventure tales such as the jungle book, treasure island, white fang, the merry adventures of robin, gulliver’s travels.


By: Roald Dahl

Matilda is a fantastic audiobook choice like any other audiobooks by roald dahl. It is an inspirational story that teaches the children that they can be mighty, no matter what is their size or age. The heroine of the story discovers her own superpower while taking on the school bullies big and small.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

By: Ian Fleming

It is quite different from the Disney classic. It will take you and your kids on a fantasy journey while traveling. Listening to this story during the road trip, your kids will wish that your family car could fly too.

Harry Potter Series

By: J.K Rowling

Everyone gets attracted to the story when great writing is accompanied by great storytelling. And this is the case in the harry potter series. Any of the stories of this series would make a fantastic road trip listening. The early books of this series are a favorite of younger kids.

Dr. Doolittle

By: Hugh Lofting

This story is perfect for animal lovers. The concept is extremely engaging. It is the story of a physician who learns a code language to communicate with animals. He also communicates with a part unicorn by using the code language.

The Cricket in Time Square

By: George Selden

It is a sweet tale of chester. He lived in the times square subway station with his friends tucker and harry and a little mouse and a cat. Our hero of the story discovered the big apple with the help of his friends. Your kids will definitely love to listen to this story while traveling.

The Wind in the Willows

By: Kenneth Grahame

There are ten different versions of this classic available, some of which are dramatized with sound effects, music and more. It is the story of four friends mole, ratty, badger, and toad. The story has a nostalgic childhood grown-up feeling which will entertain your family and kids throughout the journey.

One Crazy Summer

By. Rita William-Garcia

It is the story of delphine and his friends who plan to spend their summer vacation with delphine’s mother. But they find her mother radically different from the one they’ve imagined. The mother sends them to a black panther summer camp. The rich and atmospheric narration will definitely put your family into the heart of the story and will force you to sit in the driveway to listen to one more chapter.

Better Nate than Ever

By: Tim Federal

The author described a grown-up theatre kid in this story. The main character is nate foster, who is a small-town kid. Nate always wanted to become an actor in the broadway show. To his dream, he plans an overnight escape to new york with his best friend libby.their journey to new york and the adventure during traveling will entertain your kids throughout the road trip.

See you in the Cosmos

By: Jack Cheng

It is the story of a space-obsessed 11-year-old alex petroski and his dog carl sagan. They plan to launch alex’s golden ipod into space. Their journey is excellently narrated in the audiobook. The story is funny, joyful, inspirational and full of heart, which will make your kids sticking to it during the journey.

Save Me a Seat

By: Sarah Weeks and Gita Varadarajan

It is a dual perspective story. This story is about two friends joe and ravi, who have nothing in common. But they discover that they have a common enemy in the big bully in their class. As time flies, they realize that they both need a friend.

Brown Girl Dreaming

By: Jacqueline Woodson

The author narrated this story herself in the audiobook. She shared the unusual story of her childhood spent in  new york and south carolina.  It is a rarely available poetry book. Her dreamy and easygoing style of narration will keep your kids glued into the story throughout the journey.

The Last Fifth Grade of Emerson Elementary

By: Laura Shovan

This novel narrates through the poems of 18 kids in fifth grade during an especially transformative year. The author shared the daily stories of fifth graders, how they all have dealt with the impending closing of their school.

Ramona Quimby Collection

By: Beverly Cleary

The duration of this epic audiobook edition is over 19 hours. The story unfolds ramona’s wacky adventurous journey, how she gets into a lot of troubles during her journey, and how she experiences all the stuff and finally grows up.

Princess Academy

By: Shannon Hale

Laura credido gave her voice in this audiobook. The author tells the story of miri in the fantasy series, how her mountain home has transformed into a princess academy and how all the girls have participated in the academy to be chosen by the prince.

The War that Saved My Life

By: Kimberly Brubaker Bradley

It is the story of nine-year-old ada. The author shared how her life has changed for the better after she followed her brother, who was sent away from london because of the war.

Howl’s Moving Castle

By: Dianna Wynne Jones

The story tells the story of sophie, who was changed into an old lady by a witch. She has to go to the ever-moving castle on the hill. After going there, she gets to know more about her and howl, and eventually, she breaks the strange enchantment. This fantasy story will entertain you, family, a lot during the journey.


By: Brian Jacques

This story includes magic, swordplay and high adventure together. It is the story of a mice named redwall abbey. The first book of the series narrates the story of a mouse named mattias, how he dreamed of an exited life and how he battled against an evil rat named the cluny of scourge.

Marry Poppins

By: P. L Travers

The character of marry poppins is very popular in the series of children’s books. It is now available as an audiobook also. It can be a perfect choice for a road trip with your kids.

Fantastic Mr. Fox

By. Roald Dahl

This timeless adventure narrates the story of a cunning fox, who outsmarts three village farmers boggis, bunce, and bean with the intention to feed his family. The story is easy to follow and will entertain the children from the beginning to the end.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Double Down

By: Jeff Kinney

The story is about greg heffley, an unlikely videogame-obsessed kid. The story goes with greg finding a video camera in the basement, and he decides to make a scary movie. Your children will enjoy this funny and brilliantly-told story during traveling.

If you ever experienced that your kids getting annoyed and bored during a long road trip, then the above-mentioned audiobooks will come in the rescue. Listening to the audiobooks will not only soothe your kids but also help your kids to feel the long road trip a lot less. I hope you and your kids will have a great time with these audiobooks on your next road trip.

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