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21 Teen Halloween Costume Ideas for Girls


Spider web costume, double stuffed oreo, diy bat costume, disney tinker bell, nun, clown, kat woman, sexy nurse and sea anemone costume are some of the best teen Halloween costumes for girls.

Halloween is that time of the year when you can use all your crazy ideas to create your fun Halloween look. I know we all want to look different and wear something unique that no one else could probably even think of. So, in this article, we have listed below 21 Halloween costumes for you:

21 Best Teen Halloween Costumes for Girls

Spider Web Costume

This spider pattern is fun, quirky yet easy at the same time. You can wear anything with this spiderweb as it will turn your outfit into a costume and give you those festive feels.


Double Stuffed Oreo

There’s no particular day to show love to your best friend. This Halloween, you and your best friend can dress up all white and carry a brown pillow along to complete your Oreo costume.


DIY Bat Costume

You can take an old black umbrella and cut it in half. Using black safety pins or glue, you can attach it to the arms of a black hoodie and with foam core, you can create ears and even feathers.


Disney Tinker Bell

This one is pretty easy as I am sure you must be having a green dress that can be used to turn into a costume. And wings, you can order them online!


Sea Anemone Costume

All you need is long pink balloons and a pump to blow them up. Then, attach the balloons to a pink shirt using a safety pin that can be stuck through the non-inflated excess at the end of the balloon knot.


Disney’s Maleficent Costume

We all know of Disney’s hit movie descendants. I think this could be one of the costumes that can be easily designed because all you need is a black dress and I’m sure we all have one in wardrobe.


Military Costume

You can purchase a military costume from some online site. Moreover, it isn’t that expensive and will give you something different from the usuals.


Peanut Butter and Jelly Halloween Costume

Of course, you will hit the party with your best friend! So why don’t you go for something similar? While one of you can wear a long pink tee (jelly) and the other one can wear a brown tee (peanut butter). Easy?


Panda Costume

I am sure you will be the cutest one in the party! Panda costume is so popular in the market these days and I think Halloween can be the best time to go for it.


The Otherworldly Spirits

You can choose any of the given two costumes. If you are going with a  friend of yours, it could be a perfect match for both of you.


A Clown

Isn’t the Halloween party incomplete without a clown? So, why don’t you take the spotlight this time? Afterall, the costume too would be easily available in your nearby market.


A Nun

I feel not many people at the party would be thinking of this one. In fact, this is also something scary yet different at the same time.


Sexy Nurse

We all love the nurse costume, don’t we? A simple short white dress and that sexy cap, of course!


Black Witch

I remember how terrified I used to be every time I saw a black witch in any tv series. But I also feel that this could be a perfect Halloween costume. Right?


Kitty Costume

I completely agree there’s nothing else that can make you look more sexier than a kitty costume! You can purchase one online. Also, this does not necessarily have to be black but you are free to use your own ideas.


Animal Kigurumi Pyjama

Be it for the girls or boys, both of you can use this costume for the Halloween. There are a number of websites from where you can purchase this costume, that too at low prices.


A simple Black Outfit

Black is the colour of Halloween. If you are looking for something simple, this one’s for you. All you have got to do is pair your black little dress with that witchy hat and you are done!


Zombie Ballerina Costume

For all the ballet dancers in the Halloween party this year, you have got your costume. Now all that is required is some good makeup that will give you the Halloween look.


DIY Ramen Noodle Halloween Costume

Please don’t think I am going to leave all you foodies without any idea for Halloween! You can just DIY your look however you want. Given below is one idea.



A Pumpkin Costume

One thing that comes to my mind when I think of Halloween is a pumpkin. I know I sound silly but what’s Halloween decorations without pumpkins? Duh!


Starbucks Costume

My life just can’t go without starbucks! If you are someone who is a huge starbucks fan like me, here you go!



You now have a few ideas for your teen halloween costumes. But always remember that you are forever free to use your own creative ideas and do something different to your outfit. Also, if you have more ideas, do let us know! Happy halloween!