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31 Best Baby Dolls for Your Little One


Kids have an infinite love for baby dolls. I still remember when I was a kid, I literally had a whole collection of baby dolls but I always wanted more. And I am sure every kid does that. In this article, we have listed 31 best baby dolls as well as where you can shop them from. Read below to find more about the best dolls for babies.

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Dolls for Babies: 31 Adorable Baby Dolls for Your Little One

11-Inch Soft Baby Doll in a Gift Box

This 11-inch doll is available in 4 different colours. It has a soft body which makes it easier for the child to hug and cuddle with the same. the outfit and hat are washable, so you need not worry about your child constantly dragging it on the floor.



This is one of the best interactive newborn baby dolls. It has natural expressions, realistic facial movements and sounds. You can feel her breathing, place her soother in her mouth and even listen to her heartbeat.


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With this one, you also get an eight-piece set which includes a set of clothes, baby carrier, pacifier, playful dinosaur and bottle. However, the doll cannot speak, stand or washed.


Aori Reborn Baby Doll

This baby doll has beautiful blue eyes. It comes with a set of clothes and a magnetic pacifier and can also fit into newborn’s clothes.


The Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Jenna 12 Inch Soft Body Baby Doll

This beautiful doll has eyes that close and open and the size makes it perfect for your little one to hug, cuddle and care for the doll. The product is designed as per the highest quality standards.


JC Toys, La Baby 20-inch Soft Body Pink Play Doll

This lightweight body is tested as per the safety standards and approved for children aged 2+.you can also wash the body with warm water and mild wash after removing the clothes.


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Madame Alexander 16″ Lavender Amazon Exclusive Baby Doll

This one includes a blanket push toy, booties, bottle and an adoption certificate for your child to complete. The head and limbs can be molded that makes it look even more real.


Adora Toddler Workout Chic 20″ Girl Weighted Doll Gift Set for Children 6+ Huggable Vinyl Cuddly Snuggle Soft Body Toy

The silky smooth brown hair, brown eyes,  and hand-applied eyelashes make the doll look adorable. The sweatshirt is removable and the doll wears a pink jersey knit t-shirt underneath the same.


Paradise Galleries Reborn Baby Doll Lifelike Realistic Baby Doll

Including a jersey knit pastel pink floral print onesie, booties, doll pacifier, bottle, giraffe plush friend, hat, jacket, bib and a blanket, this doll makes it a perfect gift material.


With Barbies Made to Move Doll

The doll had 22 joints for a better range of motion. You can capture unique poses and do the same as your doll.


Glitter Girls Dolls by Battat

The doll has long brown nylon hair that is easy to brush. The solid plastic construction is durable and easy to clean.


Manhattan Toy Baby Stella Peach Soft First Baby Doll

The doll comes with a magnetic pacifier, removable diaper and a one-piece outfit. With lifelike details like a belly button, the doll is beautifully created.


Barbie Zoo Doctor Playset

Along with the doll, you also get an office set, accessories, career-themed outfit and two pets. Your little one can now explore the world of medicine.


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Barbie Careers Farmer Doll

The barbie comes in a casually cool outfit. In addition to the doll, you also get an adorable chicken.


Barboer Photojournalist Doll

If your little one is an animal lover, this one’s for them. The doll wears a professional outfit and comes with a  lion cub, magazine cover and a camera.


Doll Travel Play Set

Made of durable material, the doll comes with adorable accessories including a travel suitcase, gift box, purse, and change of clothes.


Fashion Doll with Hair Accessories

With adorable hair accessories like hair extensions, scissors, pretend comb, hair beading and clip for hairstyling, this doll is one of the favourite fashion dolls.


Barbie Fashionistas Barbie Doll

The doll comes in a variety of hair colour, eye colour, skin tones as well as face shapes with each one wearing a fabulous outfit. So, you can make your own choice.




African-American Fashion Dolls

This one comes in a bundle of 2 dolls with each one wearing a different outfit and on top of that, you also get a surprise accessory. These are some of the best dolls for babies.


Barbie Fashionistas Doll

These dolls represent a mix of today’s fashion and trends. You get unique clothing, style and looks with each doll.


Barbie Day to Night Fashion Doll

The doll comes with both day and night look in one costume, which means that the soft pink power suit that it wears during the daytime can be ultimately transformed into a shirred skirt evening look. These are some of the best dolls for babies.


Barbie Careers Chef Doll

The doll comes with a pan and a chef’s hat. The outfits too have  a classic touch. Let your little one do some cooking with the help of her chef.


Barbie USA Beach Nikki Doll

The doll is dressed in white one piece swimsuit with American flag network. You have just got a friend you can take along to the beach or pool next time.


Barbie DYX41 Holiday Doll

If your little one is a barbie fan, trust me, they are going to love it. with a long red gown and a gleaming star, it is a perfect gift for any barbie fan. This is one of the best dolls for babies.


Barbie 60th Anniversary Doll

This doll probably makes it in the best-dressed barbies list with bold black and white stripes.


Mattel Barbie Doll and Scooter

With this one, you get a scooter, a barbie and of course, a helmet to keep her safe while riding.


Barbie Astronaut Doll

The barbie comes in a white space astronaut suit that is all decorated with wires, pockets and monitors in pink and blue. And yes, you also get a white space helmet, gloves and shoes.


Barbie Nurse Doll

The doll comes with a matching stethoscope that will help ensure her patients are healthy. This is also one of the best dolls for babies.



Barbie Collector Audrey Hepburn Sabrina Doll

The doll celebrates one of the beloved actresses of all time, Audrey Hepburn. This is an absolute must-have!



Barbie Versus Versace Doll

If your little one is a style icon, you have to add this to her collection.


Barbie Doll Blue Background Dress

A barbie is always in fashion with a casual dress and matching shoes that create a fabulous look.


You can get a variety of colours, style and outfit with almost every baby doll. You can look for more if you want and share the same with us too.

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