21 Must Watch Christmas Movies for Kids on Amazon Prime

on November 17, 2017

With schools closing for the Christmas vacation, you need to have something to amuse your kids. So, how about a few films from Amazon Prime, just for them? Here are 21 best of this channel:

21 X’mas Movies on Amazon Prime

1. Christmas with the Kranks

Watch this fun movie in which the grumpy Luther Krank and his charming wife Nora decide to give celebrating Christmas a miss, soon after their daughter joins the Peace Corps. Instead, they go on a 10-day Caribbean cruise and have the time of their lives.

Christmas with the Kranks

2. Friends and Heroes, Volume 1 – Long Journey

Bible stories are retold in this film through the exploits of Macky and his family who risk the wrath of the Romans when they give refuge to two girls in their home. Through these experiences, kids learn to be courageous and help others in distress.

Friends and Heroes, Volume 1 - Long Journey

3. I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown

This Yuletide fun and friendship movie is all about Charlie Brown wanting a pup at Christmas. This comes with another story titled, Happy New Year, Charlie Brown.

I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown

4. Mickey’s Christmas Carol

Here’s a Christmas classic from Disney along with five more short flicks to keep your kid enthralled.

Mickey's Christmas Carol

5. A Charlie Brown Christmas 1965

This classic from its creator Charles M. Shultz and producer Bill Melendez, promises to warm the hearts of even the harshest people around. The winner of an Emmy and a Peabody award, this movie is right for the whole family. He and his gang have a wonderful time dancing, imparting the lesson that good, old-fashioned fun is also great.

A Charlie Brown Christmas 1965

6. Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tales 2002

This is part of a series of animated stories on the Christmas theme. Each Peanuts character stars in his own charming form.

Charlie Brown's Christmas Tales 2002

7. If You Give a Mouse a Cookie 2 Seasons 2016

The holiday season in a mouse’s hovel means gorging on Christmas cookies, singing carols and much more. Join in all the holiday fun Mouse and his animal pals have.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie 2 Seasons 2016

8. Rudolph and Frosty’s Christmas In July 1979

Winterbolt, the icy wizard, fights Frosty and Rudolph. Winterbolt schemes and plots to make the North Pole his domain of evil. To fight Winterbolt, Rudolph and Frosty take the help of Jack Frost and others.

Rudolph and Frosty's Christmas In July 1979

9. A Christmas Tree Miracle 2017

Kids and adults alike can enjoy this film that tells the story of a dysfunctional family who learn the true meaning and spirit of Christmas as they also learn the place of miracles in our lives.

A Christmas Tree Miracle 2017

10. Minecraft Mini Christmas Movies with Little Kelly 2017

This compilation of short movies with the Christmas theme is a lot of fun, adventure and spirit. Kids will enjoy all of them.

Minecraft Mini Christmas Movies with Little Kelly 2017

11. Christmas Grace 2025

Gary, a toy store owner, is upset when another toy store opens up near his. Jim, the new store owner, manages to sell a lot of his toys, but Gary treats Jim with love, not jealousy. A lesson to learn in the holy Christmas month.

Christmas Grace 2025

12. Beverly Hills Christmas 2015

A spoiled rich teenage girl learns the value of human relations through helping others, rather than in material goods.

Beverly Hills Christmas 2015

13. Christmas Is Here Again

This musically animated story tracks the journey of the orphaned girl, Sophianna, and her group of adventurers as they locate Santa’s magical sack of toys.

Christmas Is Here Again

14. Jack Frost 1979

From the Groundhog, we learn the story of how Jack Frost took a human form and helped a knight win his lady love’s hand.

Jack Frost 1979

15. The Year Without a Santa Claus

Santa stops working and takes a vacation. How does that sound, kids?

The Year Without a Santa Claus

16. The Snowy Day

Based on the award-winning book by Ezra Jack Keats. Peter goes on a magical, snowy walk to his Nana’s house to bring home their Christmas Eve dinner.

The Snowy Day

17. Christmas Classics: O’ Christmas Tree 1999

This story is set in a snowy forest where, on Christmas eve, a sad pine tree feels she can never become a real Christmas pine tree.

Christmas Classics

18. Christmas Cartoons: 14 Christmas Cartoon Classics – 2 Hours of Holiday Favorites 2016

wow!! 14 Christmas movies to enjoy through the season, such as Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Santa’s Pocket Watch, Santa’s Surprise, Jack Frost, Snow Foolin’, etc.

Christmas Cartoons

19. The Night Before Christmas 2016

This animated story of music and magic tell the story of how an orphan boy and his loyal cat discover the real Christmas spirit.

The Night Before Christmas 2016

20. Madeline And The Bad Hat

What happens when the Spanish Ambassador’s office is adjacent to Madeline’s school?Madeline And The Bad Hat21. The Christmas Dragon 2015

Christmas hasn’t been celebrated for many years, but one year, an orphan girl is gifted a magic crystal from an elf on the verge of death. Only she can save Christmas and get it back. This film is all about her efforts to do just that.

The Christmas Dragon 2015

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